1979 Marcos Mini 0.85 from UK and Ireland


Water. Everywhere. Doors don't fit properly, had them re-aligned, and water still gushes in. Mushrooms on the passenger seat. Mold on the rear hatch.

............Oh did I mention the water.

General Comments:

Anyone who says a mini is the most fun (?) car to drive is lying. This car is the smallest, fastest, most hair-raising car I have ever had the honour to own, and that's only at 30 mph. Rearward visibility is poor, view of the underside of other vehicles is frightening. Interior space inside is immense. Avoid anything that looks remotely like a speed bump, the exhaust has fallen off twice now.

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Review Date: 28th June, 1999

24th Mar 2007, 14:32

I would agree entirely with other owners regarding water ingress and the handling capabilities. So what if it leaks, it's a fantastic car to drive and regardless what engine you have fitted, it's a hoot.

I have owned a Mini Marcos since 1982,written it off twice and after 5 years of toil it should be back on the roads again this year.

Thanks to Rae Davies, the Mini Marcos is back on the map when it comes to Historic Racing ie Top Hat series etc. I think that the car also has an enormous potential for tarmac rallying. Nobody has taken the plunge yet.

Since Mr Davies`involvement, interest in the marque has increased dramatically and prices for eligible cars has soared. It cannot be a bad thing.