2007 Maruti Esteem VXI from India


Good car to own and drive


The car used to vibrate violently on speeds above 105 KM PH. However after re-aligning and re balancing of the wheels, now the vehicle is stable at speeds of 140 KM PH also.

General Comments:

The car is very spacious from inside. The passenger comfort levels are great with huge legroom and elbowroom on each seat. However, the driving comfort could have been better. Huge boot space is a virtue. Although the interiors lack space for stowing small things like purse, papers, etc. The dashboard does not have any space to keep even a sandwich at hand.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2007

31st Jan 2009, 03:29

This the best car in the sedan segment category. No other car can beat this car in terms of its price, reliability, maintenance, efficiency and performance. Be proud to own this car. This is a real gem of a car.

2004 Maruti Esteem LX 1.3L mpfi petrol from India





General Comments:

Excellent to drive around the city and on long drives. Great pickup and handling.

The low driving position gives you a sense of stability unmatched by other cars.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2005

29th Oct 2005, 04:57

When I decided to buy a premier car, my first choice was a Hyundai Accent, but my father told me to consider the Maruti Esteem. When I walked into the showroom, I was still reluctant, but all that changed rapidly after casting a look at the new-look Esteem LXi and the new features and interiors.

After I got the car, I was further impressed by the following:

Mileage is excellent. It is 10 km/liter in the worst road conditions.

Air-Conditioner: Satisfactory.

Driver Satisfaction: The bucket-type seat seems to give the driver a sense of comfort and better control.

Gear: The gear has an all-new look and almost like a sports car.

Above all that, the automated front seat windows are a pleasing additional feature.

I must congratulate Maruti Udyog to have come up with such an improvised look to one of India's best cars.

12th Jul 2006, 11:48

True the car is brilliant I love the car, but I hardly get to see it because it's my grandparents car in India and I live in Canada.