2007 Maruti Grand Vitara 2.0 from India


Comfortable, fuel guzzler, stable, needs more power and most importantly, no service


When I bought this SUV it had lot of cabin noise and had a left alignment problem. I mentioned this to the the dealer where I purchased the car, and they said I would have to drive it for about 1000 kms so they could note the reading of the alignment and then rectify the problem.

After 1000 kms they said the problem would be solved in first free service. Even then they could not rectify the alignment and the cabin noise.

The story goes on like this for 8 months, where they repaired my car for 5 times, changed some parts, repacked the A/C piping, changed the tire pressure, interchanged the tires etc but still could not solve the problem.

Finally I got fed up and filed a case against Maruti udyog India Ltd and the dealer.

The court case is still pending, the car is still under warranty but no one is bothered to listen to me.

Remember this Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara is a fully imported SUV from Japan and still has a one year warranty... funny isn`t it. :)


Mithun Rao


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Review Date: 3rd September, 2008

1st May 2009, 08:50

No no, that's just the joy of owning a car... Regardless of make or model, they all have problems, except very high end cars (German manufactured)

20th Dec 2010, 03:22

That is an incorrect assumption. Every car, regardless of where it is made, must and should perform with almost no major problems, except for lemons. If the company is aware of a lemon, they should do everything in their power to see it is fixed. Otherwise, it is a potential hazard for others on the road.

7th Mar 2011, 05:48

Hello original poster,

I would like to hear any updates you may have on your experience with the Grand Vitara. If you still read this column, please update us all with how this vehicle (from Maruti Suzuki) is fairing in India.