2013 Maruti Swift Lxi 1.2 petrol from India


Forever young car


There was only one thing I remember when its steering got locked and it automatically got resolved. It happened 2 years ago.

Except for that, I never faced a single issue or glitch in this car.

General Comments:

I love this hatchback so much that I won't sell it, even if I upgrade to any luxury sedan or SUV. The MARUTI SUZUKI SWIFT is fun to drive; the only things which are needed are the safety features on par with other cars, and to have an automatic transmission in India.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2017

2013 Maruti Swift ZXI 1.2 petrol from India


Poor build quality


Bought my first brand new Maruti Suzuki Swift in Jan 2014. The car was recalled in Feb 2014 because they had to replace a faulty fuel cap and pipe, which might have led to fuel leakage.

After 8 months I started noticing sounds from the rear, and also could see uneven tread in the rear tires. So I took my car to an authorized Maruti Suzuki Service Center, where after investigation, they found the rear axle was broken and had to be replaced. This is very surprising to me, since I have been driving for the past 7 years and have never driven rashly.

Overall I'm very disappointed with the build quality.

General Comments:

Great ride and handling.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2015

2008 Maruti Swift LXI 1.3 from India


Excellent car.. I love the Swift!!!


Nothing went wrong.. with its mechanism.

Just a horn was giving problems... was an easy fix. until then.. no complaints.

General Comments:

OK, first of all.. My father suggested to buy only the Swift. So I hated this vehicle for 2 years.. A Japanese car with a 1.6 litre engine that was re-manufactured with a 1.3 for the Indian market. The result is a wonderful car on Indian roads with a good 85 horse power.

Positive comments first:

The car is very spacious from inside... doesn't look from the outside.

The car has got wonderful pick up... the engine is way powerful... explains what Swift means...

The steering is too good on highways.. don't feel tired, even on very long runs.

Great boot space.

Suspension is the best I have ever encountered with any vehicle driven.. very stable, balanced. The car was driven in potholes, rough roads for the past 3 years.. but the car hasn't lost its original alignment till now... despite being driven on rough roads. Really impressed me. Thanks to Suzuki.

Brakes, wow.. just a slight push.. and the car stops.. performs very well on highways and in the city. Thanks to Suzuki again.

Transmission is pretty smooth.. stress free drive.

Very economical on highways.. despite running the car over 140kmph with aircon. Gets close to 15 or 16 kmpl.

Comfortable smooth ride.. with very comfy seats.. & mostly due to the suspension.. which makes this car the best in its class.

Aircon chills the cabin on highways on the low blower speed.

Lots of space to keep normal stuff.. like CDs, books, much more.. two cup holders.. 1 ashtray.

Headlight spreads on the road easily.. basically gives very good vision on the road with the lights on.

Suzuki did a great job in terms of designing the Swift.

The roof lamp provides adequate light in the cabin.

Performance comes while driving in 4th or 5th gear.. while 3rd gear provides power acceleration..

The engine is very refined..

Negative comments:

Getting car off the lights is difficult.. just feels that clutch isn't placed properly in its place.. Way too high compared to the brakes.

Fuel consumption is high in city.. around 10 or 11 kmpl.

Rear view is awful... lots of trouble while reversing the car.

Aircon very less effective in cities.. as compared to running on highways.

Interior is the worst I've ever come across.. cheap plastic rattles a lot.. specially the ones on the doors.

Fuel door lock broke.. again, cheap plastics used in this car.. was a easy fix by the dealer.

Not equipped with a low fuel indicator lamp.. This is only thing which really annoys me.. Maruti, being so cheap, by not provided a low fuel indicator.. despite that I can see the symbol of the fuel tank on the instrumental cluster.

The steering is a bit hard driving in the city.. actually it's hard and my arms hurt..

Glove box door bends if used roughly.

Tyre noise is a lot on highway.. overall a good tyre.. performs great, but the road noise is annoying.

Overall, a very good car ruined by its Indian manufacturer Maruti.. Suzuki proves that they are nowhere behind Honda's and Toyotas.. will definitely buy the Japanese version of the Swift.. if I ever get chance.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2011