1989 Maserati 2.24v 2 litres, 24 valves from Netherlands


Looks like a Toyota, drives like a Ferrari. Do it if you dare


What hasn't? Fusebox, diff, gearbox, aircon, clutch, brakes, turbos, valves, electrical system... etc...

General Comments:

Great fun to drive, but you must have a second one as spare car.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2000

28th Jun 2001, 16:30

Hello, I'm thinking of buying a 2.24 and I wonder how the handling and grip is. Thanks.

Bp from Istanbul.

10th Aug 2001, 18:35

I don't own this car, but when I was looking for a car of this type (I ended up with a DB7) I had the pleasure of an extended test drive.

The performance is crisp, and it handles well in the dry with great grip from the large rear tyres. This car however comes into its own in the mid ranges, shifting from 70mph to 90 mph the torque is quite amazing, as the gear ratios allow huge speed differences in 4th.

The noise from this car however does not impress, and although I liked it very much I was afraid of the residuals and the quality of the vehicle.