2011 Maserati GranTurismo S from Hong Kong


Surprisingly comfortable


On board computer froze. Only happened once.

General Comments:

This is my fourth sports car. My first sports car was the Mercedes Benz SLK 250. It was a lovely car and very relaxing to drive. I traded my SLK with the newer SLK, making it my second sports car, and I still own it until now. My third sports car is the Jaguar XKR. It is the best sports car I've ever had. The newest one is the Maserati GranTurismo.

This car is also possibly my first impression of Maserati. I never knew of that brand until I saw the GranTurismo displayed at the mall. I am amazed by how it looks, and a few months later I decided to buy it. I picked the same color as the one that was display at the mall, blue. Most of my cars are either black or white, so this is my first blue car.

Customer service is excellent, probably better than Jaguar, but not as good as Mercedes. The dealer offers a 5 year warranty.

The car is surprisingly very spacious and roomy inside. My child has enough legroom at the back, and my wife says the seats are more comfortable than the Jaguar. Most of the time I use my sports cars only at weekends, except for this one. It is very comfortable.

The engine sound, if I can be honest, is not as crunchy as I thought. My Jaguar XKR sounds more addictive. It handles very nice, but I think it's a bit heavy, not the steering wheel, but the whole car compared to the Jaguar. The Jaguar feels more nimble and light. The interior, although it looks nice, after living it for months, the Jaguar is somehow less boring.

Another thing I forgot to mention about this car is the boot space. It is bigger than the Jaguar. I can store a lot of things inside.

If I have to choose either the Jaguar or the Maserati, I still prefer the Jaguar. It is somehow more fun to drive. Driving the Jaguar is very exciting. Sometimes I feel like I'm a kid again when driving it. The Maserati is a very nice car too, and very spacious and comfortable, but the driving feel isn't as nice as the Jaguar.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2011

5th Feb 2013, 09:09

The boot on the Jaguar must be VERY small if the Mazzer's boot is bigger. If you play golf outside (not on the 12th floor simulator like in Hong Kong), you have to put the clubs on the flattened passenger seat and the trolley in the boot.

5th Aug 2022, 17:40

These are still stunning looking cars, can't believe they came out over 10 years ago.