1991 Maserati Racing 2.0L V6 24 valve Bi-turbo from Netherlands


Very rare super-car in disguise


27000 kilometres: PDP-sensor snapped off when hitting a carefully hidden speed bump at just 50Kph. This happened at 01:30 AM in a non-disclosed Dutch city in a somewhat "bad" neighbourhood. Called the ANWB (Dutch Auto Club) and they towed the car to my garage. Also called my mechanic and he repaired the car in the middle of the night!! Better service than any Alfa garage offers!!

29000 kilometres: Oil pressure sensor broken and replaced.

31000 kilometres: Intermediate exhaust muffler leaks and replaced by a used version (new ones are a bit rare since a Racing seems to have a special exhaust system).

38000 kilometres: Generator jammed and replaced. This is probably caused by the fact that the car is not used a lot although the type of generator used has a bad reputation.

The car has a 5 speed Getrak gearbox (similar type used on the previous model BMW M3/M5). The box is a bit noisy in neutral. This rattling sound seems to be normal with Getrak boxes according to my mechanic.

General Comments:

A Racing a rare (Maserati 65th anniversary??) version of a 2.24v produced in low numbers (approx 230 cars produced) in 1991. It is based on the biturbo chassis but has the "cat-eyed" headlights of a Shamal that later got popular on the 2.24v models produced after 1992.

With 285Ps and 374Nm torque acceleration is plain ridiculous for a 2 litre car. And so is fuel consumption :-)

The car has a magnificent sound-track. A racing has no cat which results in an impressive low rumble sound at low revs. Much nicer compared to Ghibli II's.

Feel the later biturbo models are pretty reliable when maintained properly and treaded with respect when cold. Maintenance is a bit expensive. Fuel consumption is high. But how cares?

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 23rd November, 2001