1991 Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.3 from Egypt


A reliable small luxury dynamic sedan


- Fuel pump failed several times because of bad quality fuel in my area. Recently, I modified & installed a pump borrowed from the new E class. It's working perfectly.

- Injector lifetime is very limited (less than 10,000 km) also because of bad fuel.

General Comments:

A very stable car capable of taking very tight turns no matter what the speed. If it is pushed to its extreme and loses grip, it is still easily recovered.

Always feels like it's going 30% slower than actual speed.

Contouring seats, relaxing & confident driving position.

Very torquey engine at low RPM. Can give you quite a dynamic drive without exceeding 3500 RPM (you can still go to 6000 RPM if you wish).

The driver will get all the known feelings of a three pointed star car (most Mercedes owner will know what I mean).

It's 9 years old but looks like a 3 year old car (exterior & interior).

I will still keep it for a very long time.

But I still wish that the engine would be a little smoother at high RPM and the seats a little softer.

A very reliable car. If you suddenly decide to make a 1000 km trip. Just jump in, pass by a fuel station and drive.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2000

1991 Mercedes-Benz 190 E 1.8 from Singapore


One of Mercedes' finest efforts, not repeated since


Fuel pump relay stopped working and resulted in engine dying at odd times especially while going up slopes.

Accelerator wire broke leaving me stranded in Lane 1 travelling at 5 km/hr!

Aircon conked out recently.

General Comments:

Yet, despite the above, it is still one heck of a car. It grips the road well, handles well and is tremendously composed even when driven aggressively.

Its comfort is supreme especially the body hugging seats. Driving with the 3-pointed star pointing the way forwards is a different feeling. Also terrific solid thumping doors!

In short, a comfortable and solid sporty prestige bargain - I strongly recommend it!

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Review Date: 5th June, 2000

1991 Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


The joint where the pipe from the mid box goes into the back box rots faster than any other part of the exhaust. The back box is hooked onto the car body by 2 thick rubber bands. When the pipe breaks the front of the back box falls, hits the grounds and goes behind. The back box eventually comes loose, but has twice taken the bumper with it. On the good side, the bumper has suvived bouncing down the road with little damage to show.

General Comments:

I bought this car at 3 years and having been stung once by the Mercedes servicing charges and a few times by 'independant Mercedes specialists'. I now use a good independant garage and the servicing for this car is now no more expensive than for any other car. Pattern exhausts etc are just as cheap as for any other European type.

Yes, Mercedes are wonderfully built, silent engine, turns on a sixpence, no squeaks or rattles, etc. To some extent I suspect the high original price makes this an inevitability though. The people who buy it are also more likely to have a garage and to be able to keep up the 6,000 mile service period.

The car is very relaxing to drive, and the auto gearbox has a 'standard' and an 'economy' setting, which makes it more resistant to gear changes. This works well. The seats could have more lower back support.

Fantastic for long journeys and when you hit 85 the car seems to breathe a sigh and relax.

Make sure you buy with electric windows and sunroof, auto gearbox, 2 litre, air con, and keep up the services. The car will keep its value much better.

One last point: It's worth it just for the single wiper - hypnotic! And you get a gunsight too.

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Review Date: 10th November, 1998

10th Nov 2004, 07:30

Have had 1991 190E auto for only 2 months, but already love it, have had 80's Saabs before, but this is great. Needs oil filler gasket and alternator belt that's about all.

John, Somerset.

23rd Mar 2007, 11:55

I've just bought a 1991 'baby benz' E... feels like I'm driving a tank... but whisper soft engine sound. It's my first mercedes - last car a Honda Prelude. I thought they were difficult to beat, but I'm definitely being converted!

It was a private sale... and guess I was rather brave. Chap needed to sell due to company car arriving and no space. I bought it for just £300! Had her checked at the garage and only a small radiator leak detected... Fingers crossed to a happy relationship!