1987 Mercedes-Benz 407D LX diesel from North America




The engine runs fine, it sounds great. When I put it into 'Drive', it won't go, when I step on the gas pedal, it is as if I am in neutral. What could be wrong?

General Comments:

Please help me. I am being giving his car for free. I need to know what is wrong with it so I can try to drive it away, if possible

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Review Date: 1st November, 2004

9th Nov 2005, 07:49

Bad transmission man. But if the car is free, don't give up on her. See how much a tranny swap would be.

16th Nov 2006, 02:27

If your looking for something cheap Lucas stop-slip transmission additive has done wonders for the (Chrysler) 727 in my old Jeep it stopped all the slipping and hard shifting, now I'm not saying that this will work 100%,but for 7.95$ it can't hurt to try.

My tranny (the 727) now shifts better then the day I bought the Jeep, as I said in might not work, but if it can take the old 727 back to 100% at 150K it might at least make the car so you can drive it home.

Also check the fluid level, and try all the gear ranges i.e. P-R-N-D-2-1 My mom tells a story of driving a pinto (with a bad tranny) home in reverse once.