2005 Mercedes-Benz A-Class A150 Avantgarde 1.5 petrol from UK and Ireland


Nice quality and roomy, but the jury's out on reliability


Numerous parts to the front suspension replaced within a week of collecting the car.

Rear suspension has developed an annoying creak.

Over-light clutch which lacks feel.

Disappointed with response from main dealer I bought the car from when reporting the suspension - couldn't have been more unhelpful. Much better service from another dealer though, who fixed the car under warranty.

Front bonnet is prone to stone chips due to its steep angle.

General Comments:

Very comfortable and practical car.

Much improved interior build quality compared to last model, and is roomier than many cars that are much bigger.

Ride quality is okay, but could be more supple. Handling is reassuring - much better than my last car, and the on-board electronics ensure things don't get too out of control when being naughty.

Top spec equipment is reasonable, but genuine leather should be used on the seats, rather than the man made material they use.

The auto windscreen wipers are annoying when you only want to use intermittent wipe - they seem to have a mind of their own.

The little 1500cc 95hp engine is quite sprightly, and is more than able to hold its own, although long, steep hills will have you changing gear. It's also very refined with a pleasing growl when pushed. A little more mid range pull would have been nice, but it does a good job.

Tyre noise is a bit of a let down. Constant rumble, although this could be because the rest of the car is so quiet.

The dash is a lesson in quality and clarity - well impressed.

Only disappointments - and I know I've only had it 6 weeks - are the front suspension that squeaked, knocked and rattled from the moment I picked up the car (no idea how the dealer missed that in their pre delivery check - and it was a Mercedes dealer).

Also, the poor service from the same dealer in trying to get it fixed, and the rear suspension that has developed a creak when the car leans into bends or goes over speed humps, and the clutch that lacks any feel and makes pulling away smoothly tricky.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2007

26th Jul 2007, 10:54

"What things have gone wrong with the car?

Numerous parts to the front suspension replaced within a week of collecting the car.

Rear suspension has developed an annoying creak.

Over-light clutch which lacks feel."

Well, well, well, What a strange coincidence, I have had pretty much the same problems, yes all 3, but the only difference is that ours is only 15 months old and is actually today in being repaired, only the 5th attempt at the rear noises.

As for the clutch, it is going to have to be replaced as whenever we sit in traffic, you can smell it burning itself out. I really do hope they don't think I am paying for a new clutch at 15 months/19,000 miles.

2005 Mercedes-Benz A-Class A200 Turbo 2 Litre turbo from UK and Ireland


Ultimate City Car!


On Board Computer keeps changing figures rapidly and needs fixing, passenger seat alarm keeps going off, other than that is OK.

General Comments:

Recently bought this nearly new A200 Turbo, what a phenomenal car, acceleration is incredble and there is so much low down torque it needs to be put on comfort mode as in Sport mode it's very hard to moderate acceleration. Pulls all the way to high speeds and beyond, power is quite evenly spread so no sudden extreme power above 4,000 revs, this is basically the ultimate city car. It is small for driving around cities, steering is light and very easy for tight spots and overtaking power is incredible so perfect for short sprints down dual carrigeways.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2007

8th Apr 2008, 08:55

Hi there. I noticed that my passenger seat belt alarm kept going off... until I realised it was when I had stuff on the seat like shopping. i.e. bread, milk etc... maybe just too sensitive... even my bag of chips set it off :)