4th Feb 2012, 08:17

These cars are good in many ways. Excellent amount of room in the boot and rear seats. I don't think you will find bigger on the market.

Economical B200CDI - Recently got over 70 UK MPG for over 200 miles.

However - Have had all 5 doors replaced under warranty by MB. Had to fight quite a bit, but the cars are covered for 30 years if they have full service history. It is the early cars that have the rust problem. Look at the seam sealer on the doors; if it looks like a crinkly weld, they are bad. If smooth, they are OK.

The change happened around mid 06.

I too have had a broken spring.

I would say they are a good car, but buy with FSH (MB) and the 06 onwards.

Don't buy a Sport unless they have the Comfort suspension. Even the SE / Comfort is very stiff, and many people complain about the poor ride in the sport. It is not a sports car, so why buy a Sport anyway.

17 & 18 inch wheels may look great, but the MPG is worse, the tyres cost a fortune, and the ride is awful.

30th Aug 2012, 13:35

Hi, I have a 2007 B200 turbo. I love this car; the design etc., however like you, I had quite a shock a couple of months ago when I had to have the turbo repaired at a high cost. My car has low mileage, and my friend also has a 2006 B200, on which he has experienced multiple repairs such as the coil springs giving out on his car, and the transmission! Thankfully he was still under warranty. I wonder how many of these cars are experiencing serious problems?

6th Jun 2013, 19:03

My dad was looking for a new car, so I went with him to the Mercedes dealer to check out the cars and give him a second opinion. I looked at a certified B Series with low mileage (a long term rental return). The car had rust along the lower sides of both front doors. I suggested to him to steer clear, and I believe he made a good choice listening to me. A certified car is nothing more than a scam expression. No car has any additional warranty, no matter how "certified", "inspected" or any other BS the seller would like you to believe. Sorry for your experience.