2007 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C280 3 litre unleaded from Australia and New Zealand


We love our Benz!


Nothing has gone wrong so far. Thankfully as we have only owned it 3 weeks.

General Comments:

The performance seems to be getting better each time we take it out. At the dealership we drove it before driving the 2 litre and were not entirely sold on the performance difference, especially when it's a matter of $13k. Although it did sound more throatier on start up and rev, I was nearly contempt to save money and rebadge the C200 with C280.

I also drove a SLK280, which was a lot of fun and seemed like a rocket compared to the C280, despite them having a very similar engine. However at 30k more it would want to go quicker, + the model has been around for a while now and I'd expect it to look dated soon, much like the latest E Class is in need of a update.

Nevertheless, after being promised it had not been flogged by the dealership in its 92k, we ended up with a white demo C280 as there was a 6 day wait on a C200, and this one was available for instant take away (upon surrendering the diners)

Being the demo model, we also got the AMG body kit, nice grey alloys and a few extra goodies for the same price as a brand new stock C280.

Space inside is cosy compared to our other car (04 BA Fairmont), however the boot seems roughly the same size.

Much to my wife disgust I floored it against a e46 325ci BMW from the lights last week. The benz was slower, but with a shallower tank and losing the golf clubs I think it would've been close.

As you do when you know you're going to make a purchase from Mercedes, I asked to give a used silver 2005 SL500 for a run - ($245,000) way out of my price range but absolutely sublime - money can't buy happiness! - yeah right!

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Review Date: 28th March, 2008

21st Aug 2009, 00:26

Perhaps if the 325 had a flat tyre, it would have been even closer.