8th May 2013, 19:27

This is the original reviewer here.

I bought the car from a private seller, so there wasn't much I could do. I quickly realized I got ripped off, but I was fortunate to be able to sell the car before I had any more problems. The head gasket had to be blown before I got it.

27th May 2013, 19:10

I bought a 2000 CLK Mercedes convertible from a guy who paid $15000 for it, and I got it for $5000. Little did I know what problems his car has. It has only 65K miles, and the power roof did not work.

It's a very consumer unfriendly car. You must watch the rear window going down, and do not put your fingers anywhere.

The passenger door handle fasteners were designed for opening from the front seat. You will easily break them if your passenger tries it from the rear seat.

You can not reach the passenger door handle from the driver's seat without pushing on the rear upholstery of the seat, and this makes it fall apart. I already can see rubber foam underneath; what poor workmanship.

To put the seat belt on for the driver is torture. You either pull it out before entering, or you will have cramps squeezing your hand to get it. Or broken nails.

For no reason, the power steering makes a noise for first few miles.

Even with a full tank, there is a warning that you are going low on the gas; an annoying blinking. If you stop the car and go shopping, all is OK for few miles, then it starts blinking again. I just wonder how such a good company can make such a bad car...

The front plastic spoiler is so poorly fastened to the fender, that the slightest scratch with the ground makes it fall off like you've had an accident. It looks like whole car was made somewhere in China; it's all so flimsy and cheap. There is no real leather anywhere, and if by stepping out from the car you touch the door plastic leather with your shoes, you tear it.

I am so afraid to put the roof down, because I read horror stories of people almost losing their fingers in an attempt to put it up manually. And it must be 2 persons to try it; it's impossible.

The power seats are the biggest problems. A complicated 3 motor system, which always quit. It doesn't stop by resistance, and you can break a child's leg if it were sitting in the rear seat; it went over my friend's walking stick, breaking it.

The gasoline used for 100 miles was 6.25 gallons. Very poor, the 100 miles cost you 27$, what a bad result.

This might be worst car I have ever had, and if I cannot get rid off it, I will replace the front seats with non electric seats.

This car is so complicated, like there is the only one desire: to make the most money for the corporations.

I do not even bother with dealers, because I was buying and fixing cars in the past for cash, and it was very profitable.

Mercedes like this one are fully computerised, and if you do not have the warranty, such a car can completely financially ruin someone.

The worst thing is radio code. Almost each 430 has an electric leak, and if your battery is dead, the radio needs a complicated code ritual to work again. It's an extremely consumer unfriendly procedure when it happens. I warn other people to stay away from these computerised cars, if the car has an expired warranty. It never happened with any other cars I've owned.

Another piece of poor workmanship is the 1985 Mercedes 380 SL convertible. Mostly the injection manifold and the gas pump under the rear gas tank.

Write me your experience with these 2 lemons. I own them.