9th May 2007, 04:18

My CLK 200 Came in Azure Blue- the proportions are perfect with ample rear space for two, which is rare in a coupe, and a really big boot. Interior design is one of the best I have ever seen. The steering wheel was a pleasure to hold.

Reliability was so so - needed several horn sets within the first year and had to be towed away on two occasions. First due to defect in the cooling system and the second time due to a faulty ignition controller unit.

Over drive stalk kept falling off and so did the front door speaker panels.

The car badly let down by its Auto box, which was extremely slow to change. Overtaking on the highway was a hit and miss affair. In fact iitially I thought that there was something wrong with the box. Dealer said it was normal. The other problem was with the exterior paint work- Rash of bubbles started appearing at various places. All -in- all lovely car to own badly let down by quality of plastic trim and and a lazy Auto - gear box.

10th May 2007, 04:24

I can't understand how you would accept such basic defects on a supposedly premium car. I mean, interior trim falling off and rust bubbles showing on a new car? You could buy 2 Japanese coupes for this price and not experience any of these problems.

And don't tell me driving a Japanese car is not as good - you can't say you have a good driving experience when the gears won't change and the car falls to pieces. I am simply amazed at why people stick to the dream and fantasy of owning Mercedes when in fact they are less reliable than a Hyundai for 3 times the price. Shameful!

4th Oct 2007, 11:46

My friend when you get in the cockpit of a Mercedes-benz you would understand why. SEE YOU.

1st Dec 2007, 06:45

I have owed my auto clk 230 komp since 2000. It has loads of power, and is a solid car. I haven't had any major problems. The sensitive steering always pulls to the left, but this could be due to road camber. Tracking has to be done often or it will rip the tyre tread off quickly. If one brakes hard on a wet road, it can put the "fear of God" into you. After a year or so, the alloy wheels started to oxidise badly. It's a lovely looking car, but I don't think I would ever pay the big bucks for looks again. My wife has a Lexus which is streets ahead. When I drive the Lexus, I can "feel" the quality. Re the dealerships: ones I dealt with were a joke. Even when it was under warranty, trying to get them to fix anything for free was like trying to get your arm back from a crocodile!

24th Nov 2009, 21:26

I was just reading all the comments because I was very interested in this car, however something that struck me is how you got people agreeing that after a relatively short time that the seats are killing your legs and lower back, but then a commenter says this is the car you choose for comfort on a long trip.

I'm inclined to believe the first two posters and buy a Lexus.

26th Sep 2010, 09:16

Once you drive Merc, then you don't want to drive any thing else, and the CLK 230 is the best to buy these days; cheap in price, and also very good shape.

4th Feb 2011, 08:36

Regarding the Mercedes CLK - overall it's excellent. Comfortable, efficient, nicely designed and handles well, especially on longer journeys.

However - my CLK 200 (2003 model) had some electrical gremlins that the dealerships were hopeless at fixing. Initially, the engine warning light came on and was diagnosed as an oxygen sensor fault that was replaced 3 times. The light would go off, but would flash on intermittently.

Next, the induction pipes leading into the kompressor were blamed and subsequently replaced. Then it was a filter in the kompressor unit.

Next, a software upgrade was needed. The problem persisted.

Finally, an independent specialist found that oil had leaked from the solenoids in the front of the engine into the wiring loom, resulting in the various electrical issues. The entire wiring loom needed to be replaced along with the catalytic converter.

Moral of the story - main dealerships are populated by poorly-paid, disinterested mechanics that don't have any real interest in correctly diagnosing anything more complicated than a flat tyre. Go with the experienced independent specialists, who in most cases, have years of experience working with a single manufacturer.

1st Mar 2011, 06:57

I got a CLK 230 Kompressor last April and the engine warning light just came on. Suprised? Maybe not on this site!

I personally use this as my every day car. I love going on long drives, the back roads and the Glens of Scotland love the cars too. Never let me down yet.

Performance is great too. Brilliant, even with the warning light on. LOL.

27th Aug 2011, 08:21

My 230k has just done 185000 miles, and is still going strong. Since owning it at 140000 miles, I've replaced brake pads, 2 tyres and that's it. Only issue I've had is rust around arches, which is poor for a car of this value. However I paid peanuts for it, so I can't complain.

12th Nov 2011, 05:33

Just bought my 2000 Azure Blue CLK 230 Kompressor convertible. My dream car, and I absolutely love cruising in it. Engine and bodywork are fine, all I had to do was replace a couple of the tires, put it through an oil change and change the pollen filter.

The only niggle I have is that there is a 'squealing' noise that is occasionally and intermittently heard, only when the car is in motion, and only once it's warmed up. I don't even know where the noise comes from. I have had it looked at by one garage, who couldn't hear anything, and I'm going to get a second opinion next week. Fingers crossed it's not too serious.

14th Jan 2012, 15:37

I have CLK 230 Kompressor, which I bought with 100,000 miles on it a couple of months ago. It has suffered with the odd rust patch here and there, but has been touched up, so it looks great now.

I have just covered the best part of 5000 miles to the south of France and back, and it has proved to be extremely reliable.

The only problems I have come across are the heater blower and boot release work intermittently, which is annoying at times, but have been unable to sort these faults out.

A great motorway cruiser and comfortable; a little back ache after 12 hours driving, but that's acceptable.

24th Apr 2012, 08:18


I never had any of those problems ever. Mine is a CLK 200 Cabrio. It's a cruiser car, and not for speed. It's very comfortable, especially on long journeys. The extra things make the car, like the controls on the steering wheel and the automatic roof. It's not the best or fastest car in reviews, but Top Gear gave it the OK on average stuff. It's not for show off boys stuff. It's understated, and blends in as an OK, sort of middle of the road, midsized car.


1st Nov 2014, 22:18

Bought a CLK 230K cab 18 months ago, 2000, 75000 miles - bargain.

Does have some rusting on the arches , not serious though, there when I bought it, will sort it myself. I only trust a MB dealer to change the oil and put it on a diagnostic machine. Then I fix it myself, or use an independent garage. Fixed the noisy SC clutch myself. The SC was in very good nick - opened it and swapped the oil. Dealers do not seem to have a clue, lots of hot air and a lack of engineering knowledge.

Superb drive, relaxing and comfortable. I love working on these cars. They're well put together; it's a pity about the rust issues. I have had a number of Alfas that were worse, and the rust on the CLK is primarily superficial and fixable. The CLK is very solid and looks so good, that I can forgive the weaknesses.

I'd buy another - carefully.