1990 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300E 3.0 Inline-6 from Thailand


A timeless classic luxury tank of a car


Faulty warning light (handbrake light still up even when I put the handbrake down).

Dried out brake pads.

No lights on the dashboard.

A missing rubber ring for the antenna.

General Comments:

Just bought it used, and it's in great condition for 22 year old car with surprisingly low mileage!

Handles like a dream, even though the steering wheel is a bit heavy compared to today's cars.

A textured steering wheel definitely makes me feel like I'm in a spa or something very comfy, and it never feels slippery.

All the faults listed above are very cheap to fix, and the whole car feels sturdy and rigid, yet provides a comfortable massaging ride.

The performance might have some hiccups, since it's a luxury model, but it still pulls and is capable of cruising at 100 mph with a smooth ride and little body roll.

Good fuel consumption.

The interior screams "Swiss cabin". It's packed with wooden panels, heated seats, power seats with memory and tight leather, and all the necessities you need and nothing you don't want, with seamless ergonomics.

This car can go back and forth to the moon several times, and it'll still running; its reliability is legendary!

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Review Date: 11th February, 2013

1990 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300E 4matic 3.0L from North America


After 200,000 miles, no longer a bargain


Purchase price was $4,000.

Front left and rear right wheel bearings @ $900 each.

Air conditioning fan and control module @ $3000.

Head gasket and valve job $2000.

Not done and why I am scrapping the car:

4-matic - $800.

All shocks and shock mounts - $5,800.

Significant body rust.

General Comments:

I bought the old girl too late in the game. She was cheap, but the cost to fix is more than the car was worth to me.

If you can find one with under 100,000 miles, buy it. The handling and ride are everything you hear. Buy decent tires and you won't go wrong.

The maintenance and repair costs are high, as you have heard, but there are Mercedes mechanics that don't work for the dealer, you just have to find them.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2010

1990 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300 CE 3.0 24v M104 from North America


Mark of excellence, that very few auto makers have matched in 20 years


Refinished center console wood, replaced potentiometer, cleaned/lubed ICV.

Heater line was disconnected from previous owner; reconnected and replaced leaking aux pump.

General Comments:

These cars (W124 chassis) are one the best Mercs you can buy. Back when "spare no expense" to make the engineering the best was their motto. Before the mid 90s when they had to cut cost on parts to compete with Japanese luxury imports.

The 300CE 24v performs great. After owning a 96 C280 and 93 400e previously, the 300ce performs just as well, if not better.

The only improvements it could use is manumatic or full manual 5 speed vs 4 speed stock transmission. Also 17" x 7.5 wheels vs 15" x 6.5 stock wheels, would be a welcome improvement.

If you haven't had a W124 chassis Mercedes before, you really need to try one out. You wont be disappointed.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2010

1990 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300TE 4matic 3.0 litre gas from North America


We have no real excuse to sell this car and expect to get the legendary 500,000 kms from it.


Constant overheating resulted in tightening of head. That didn't solve it. Replaced thermostat. No difference. Finally replaced water pump and now works fine. Spent nearly $1500 to have same shop resolve the problem.

A/C fan in dash began whining on & off, eventually a constant high pitch. Bought blower motor new on Internet site. New mechanic pulled dash and discovered the motor was not the same as was ordered but a tiny black fan. Total replacement @$700.00 and I have a blower motor ready for replacement.

Botched wiring when Japanese radio was originally put in leading to shorts in courtesy lights, console lights don't work. Stereo wiring is stictly for MB products.

General Comments:

This is a JDM (lhd) car imported in 2006. The body after 16 years was near perfection. Everything appeared original in and out, over and under. A trip to Las Vegas in July in 45 degree Celsius may have been the start of the overheating problems.

This car still draws looks and comments 18 years on. Great WOW factor.

The ride is velvet smooth, power is subtle and doing 140 KPH is effortless and quiet. The 4Matic only occasionally engages even in a Canadian Rocky Mtn winter. Only indicator is the warning light that AWD is on.

Mileage is a surprise as we get the equivalent of 30-32 MPG (Imperial gallon) combined in warmer months and 25 mpg in winter.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2008

18th Jun 2009, 10:27

Owner Update:

This vehicle has turned into an expensive near-nightmare: Only 136000 kms on it and already it's needed a head gasket, front rotors and pads, alternator and now the most recent and expensive repair - new self-leveling system replacement. The struts (also referred to as pistons or shocks) are shot and will cost @$800 each plus labour. Also, hydraulic accumulators for each side plus the hydraulic lines. All told about $3000 for repair. Then there's the front.. new steering link and ball joints, and once again, leaking head gasket ($1500 the last time) and possibly the transfer case ($4000) due to the leaking hydraulic system, all interconnected.

The local mechanic says the Japanese imports are notorious for repairs because they are not maintained in Japan, due to the low mileage and the disposal of these vehicles before they hit 100,000 kms.

Buyer beware!!!

3rd Aug 2009, 02:20

We have owned the exact same model for years and have put around 50K on it, and it has been outstanding. Only minor repairs like radiator, shocks, brake pads, etc. When the tires wore out, I replaced both wheels and tires with recent C-class purchased on Ebay. These were a direct bolt-on, and the ride and appearance is considerably improved. The car now has around 190K and we plan to keep her as long as possible.

21st Dec 2009, 21:45

I have two of the TE models, a 93 E320 and a 88 300TE. Both awesome vehicles, stunning to drive.

I tow a horse float twice a week, sometimes with 2 horses (all up 2 ton) and the E320 takes it in its stride.

Have changed tranny oil for full synthetic, makes a huge difference to smooth changes and is imperative as I tow so often.

Lovely car, will buy another no problem.