1996 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E230 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Worth every dollar to own



General Comments:

I bought it last January this year for A$14,400. This car not only looks good (at least for me!) but is also comfortable on short and long distance travel. I am amazed on how little fuel it needs for such a relatively heavy vehicle. Then again, it is not capable of a ferocious acceleration. Before I owned this car, I was under the impression that it guzzles fuel, costs heaps on maintenance. So far, I had the 135,000 log book service for $233.00 (with NRMA Motoserve).

My only complaint is the occasional squeak in the cabin when hitting bumps on the road. Sounds like plastic, but I couldn't locate it. It's a 13 year old car in a relatively very good condition so I guess I shouldn't be complaining.

Otherwise, just fill her up with fuel and point it where I want to go and I'll be there.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2009

1996 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300D 3.0 diesel from UK and Ireland


Big comfy motorway muncher


The car suffers from the usual merc paintwork problems, but as long as you keep on top of it, whenever you see part of body work starting to bubble, it stays OK.

OK, the car has had some paint, but has been done properly each time, so doesn't really show.

This car has full merc history, and has detailed accounts of all work done. Again the usual suspension bush problems have occurred in the past, but they seem to be holding in there at the moment.

Just today I have replaced the alternator, at £211 for the unit, and fitting myself. It wasn't the cheapest of things to buy, but hey, the one I took off was the original, and it had lasted 10 years and over 200,000 miles, so can't really complain.

Apart from that and a couple of bulbs, that's it. Dead reliable.

General Comments:

I have owned 3 merc 300 diesels now. the previous 2 were the old w124 square shape.

They all seem to be much the same, although the later W210 is bigger inside.

A lot of people do complain about these cars, as they don't have the 'old qualities' of the previous models.

Paintwork on the early W210's is a bit poor; rust is very common. Also the bulbs in the lighting seem to go quite regularly. Have fully checked out all the earths, and the electrical system; all the wiring looks fine, so I have put it down to another gremlin.

The six cylinder diesel is a perfect lazy lump. It's not quick, being the non-turbo version, but it returns a good mpg, and just keeps plodding along.

The engine is easy to work on; plenty of room all round the engine bay, which makes life easy for home mechanic.

Wouldn't bother with main dealer with a car this age. My local agent wants £98 per hour plus VAT labour.

I went on an online auction site, and bought a laptop with all car software already installed for £300.

Means I can do full diagnostics myself, and make sure the job is done properly.

Handling on these cars is typical of a big heavy car. Don't expect it to be like an XR2 or a Mini; it won't make it round corners that fast, trust me.

Overall the car is what I expected; I did my research before buying, and have had no nasty surprises.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2007

1996 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E320 3.2 Straight 6 from Hong Kong


When MB used to make good cars


Headlamp warning light came on once, but never happened again.

Front passenger seat-belt tensioner died and had to be replaced (~100 quid).

Otherwise been rock solid.

General Comments:

Very reliable car. Great interior that's "as-new" condition for a car that's over 10 years old! Power is good enough, even though the car is quite heavy, and the straight six sounds great if you put pedal to the metal. I replaced all four tires with new Michelin Sports and the car handles much better (it's almost fun to drive). Even though I'm looking for a new car I'm actually reluctant to sell it, as it's not worth that much second hand and it's still in great condition.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2007

15th Nov 2016, 00:13

Sorry, but I don't understand. You have a car with only 65k km and you are happy with it because you haven't any problem (well almost, the passenger seat belt as you said). I have a 2007 Toyota Corolla I bought with 43k km six years ago, and now with almost 100k km nothing has failed. I owned a Mercedes W126 for 13 years; I loved that car, but I spent some money on it, which didn't happen with the Toyota...