E-Class E230 2300

Classy, solid engineering, but maintenance is needed

341 words, Malaysia, 4 comments

E-Class E320

Comfortable elegant cruiser

234 words, North America

E-Class 200 TE S.W. 2.0 gasoline

Fantastic car, lovely design

124 words, Italy, 3 comments

E-Class E320 3.2 I-6

Solid engine, weak transmission

340 words, United Arab Emirates

E-Class E240 2.6

Good car, but be ready to spend..

367 words, Costa Rica, 1 comment

E-Class E420 4.2 V8

Rusty as your neighbors '69 Fiat

204 words, Denmark


Very good

186 words, Jordan

E-Class 320

A hole in my wallet

100 words, North America, 6 comments

E-Class E320

I'll never drive a Mercedes ever again

154 words, North America, 10 comments

E-Class E320 3.2 I-6

The best thing Mercedes has done in a while

91 words, North America, 11 comments

E-Class 300DT Elegance 3.0 litre diesel straight 6

Superb. Highly recommended

354 words, UK and Ireland

E-Class Avantgarde Kombi/Estate 2.8 V6 4-Matic

Comfortable family cruiser

106 words, Germany

E-Class 300TD 3.0 turbo diesel

Still the best estate car in the world

211 words, UK and Ireland, 4 comments

E-Class E290 Turbodiesel T-Model 2.9 turbo diesel

27 words, UK and Ireland, 4 comments