2005 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 270 CDI Classic 2.7 turbo diesel from Belgium


Very nice car, but the quality was not correlating with its price & reputation


Turbo blew a pipe twice.

Alternator died.

Radio antenna enhancer died (no RDS, no remote locks).

Rear window spray jet died.

Navigator screen worked only intermittently.

Lower control arms had to be changed.

Automatic boot cover (station wagon) died twice.

Interior started to show abnormal wear and tear; for example b-pillar cover fabric wore so thin it ripped. Light beige artificial leather was pretty, but surprisingly prone to tearing. I'd like to point out, that none of my car interiors (2x Merc, Volvo, Ford, BMW, Peugeot etc. etc.) before or since has been so weak.

General Comments:

A very nice car to drive, comfortable, a very nice engine which felt even stronger than it actually was. Mercedes 5 speed automatic gearbox is a legend and for a good reason, it is very smooth. Harman-Kardon sound system is a bliss. Very good seats. All in all, a near-perfect long distance cruiser.

Back seat was surprisingly cramped for a car that size. Boot was not massive either. Both previous and following E-Class models are much roomier.

Build quality was surprisingly low, and we had quite a bit of problems even though I was the second owner and the car was purchased via a Mercedes-owned Nearly New Car center, so the mileage was most likely correct, and the car had been serviced according to the schedule.

The service costs if done by dealer are very high. OEM parts are very expensive. This does not seem to result in an especially high quality product, though.

My third Mercedes, and most likely the last - at least for quite a while. A moderate disappointment.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2014

2005 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 270 Avantgarde CDI 270 CDI Turbo Diesel from Estonia


Excellent car


Nothing, except some "clicking" sound coming from back seat. Will ask dealer to fix it during the regular maintenance check.

General Comments:

All my previous cars were petrol, so I was a little bit afraid that diesel will be slow and noisy. This car is extremely quiet and has better acceleration than my previously owned Opel Omega V6 2.5L. Average fuel consumption is 8,6 liters per 100km, and I drive only within the city, with it's traffic jams.

Car is very comfortable, it's Avantgarde version equipped with everything needed to make driving a car a real joy. Seats are comfortable, my first car of more than 10 I owned, where I can drive for hours, and get out of the car without any back pain, as it was with my cars before. Factory sound system has very good sound, and quite good performance - if you are not a hi-Tech sound maniac it will be more than enough.

So far, looks like this is true, that MB made a lot of work with improving their cars quality - nothing went wrong with this car. It gives everything you can expect from this class MB - excellent value for money, and comfortable and quiet ride.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2006

2005 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E55 AMG 5.5L Supercharged from North America


Leather lined rocket sled



General Comments:

This car is sensationally fast. It feels much faster than my 2005 Corvette, even though the published performance figures are virtually identical. The Airmatic DC adjustable suspension produces noticeably different handling and ride characteristics in its 3 different settings, unlike other less-sophisticated adjustable suspensions. What I like best about this car is how it's a smooth, quiet luxury car until I mash the gas pedal - it has a Jekyll/Hyde personality. Very fun. Only complaint is that the harmon/kardon stereo system is not loud enough.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2005

22nd Mar 2007, 21:46

With 700NM of torque, these monsters have more torque than the 2007 E63, which is meant to be the successor to the E55!

These really are awesome machines. Surprised to hear the complaint about the Harmon Kardon. The sound system could have easily been upgraded. One of the best sound systems I have heard was in an E55.

More surprise is the lack of comments re the prodigious thirst. The E55 really knows how to drink when it is performing.

23rd Mar 2007, 10:43

In this class of car fuel consumption really isn't an issue, especially when the car is sort of competing with something like the Maserati Quattroporte which is EPA rated at around 9 mpg city.

Personally I'm waiting for some sort of hybrid/fuel cell/advanced diesel that offers the same amount of performance as the gas AMGs.

Normally Mercedes wouldn't touch that in this class of car, but EU regulations are going to start getting more stringent so they will have to find a happy medium.