2011 Mercedes-Benz E-Class W212 1.8 CGI from Malaysia


Buy a Lexus instead


Wipers have scratched the glass badly, door squeaks even when new, broken bonnet latch.

General Comments:

After many years with Lexus, decided to switch to a Mercedes instead. Some pre registered cars were offered on sale, and the cheapest E class was as expensive as a mid range C250 CGI.

It's a hit and miss car. Some parts are nice - I like the ambient theatre style lighting, it's fast for a 1600kg+ car with a 1.8 L engine (specs indicate 0 - 100 km/h in less than 8s with the new 7 speed gearbox). Refinement is poor, too much road noise infiltrates the cabin.

Some equipment is useless - there is a PCMCIA slot for media - I have never seen these media cards on sale. You have to be careful with the media display centre - it scratches easily and replacement is $3000.

The steering wheel is offset and not in line with the seating position.

After 125 years of car making, and the E Class being a core Mercedes model, you'd expect it to be perfect. It isn't.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2012

5th Aug 2014, 21:31

Interesting review of this middle of the line Mercedes product, among the models that once helped the most to promote the name of the brand.

However, it's sad to see the company management still didn't wake up to raise the quality standards again. The windshield that scratches easily, body rust (on older models); such details show that Mercedes still uses inferior components on their vehicles.

21st Aug 2014, 09:39

Thanks for posting this review. I have been seriously considering an E Class, but now will more than likely update to another Lexus. Agree with the prior comment that it's a pity Mercedes haven't made quality improvements from the previous series E Class.

21st Aug 2014, 20:02

The only way Mercedes will get back to where it was, is to build a Lexus. Lexus started out by building a Mercedes. Mercedes made its name by building cars you could throw off a cliff and it'll still run, cars that are used as taxis in Egypt having done 800K km. Leather and gadgets do not a great car make. It's not the badge that makes the car - it's the car that the badge was affixed to.

24th Aug 2014, 10:22

Excellent review. Mercs aren't what they used to be. Lexus is a far better choice.

30th Sep 2014, 15:59

I am sure there are many more reliable and cheaper to run luxurious cars than a Mercedes Benz. Having owned a Mercedes Benz for 4 years and having paid a lot for servicing over this period ($4800), I am still of the opinion that a Mercedes Benz is a car totally in its own class. Yes, it is expensive to run, but if you want a car that drives like no other, Mercedes Benz is the car for you.

I sold my Mercedes Benz 2 years ago and bought a cheaper to maintain luxury car. At first it was nice to get the lower servicing bills, but that has now worn off, because the cheaper bills just do not make up for that special Mercedes Benz-factor. As soon as I can afford the high maintenance bills again, I will be buying another Mercedes Benz.