2003 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML500 5.0L from North America




Brakes, rotors, squeaking brakes, power steering pump, hanging shifting 1-2 gear, CD players, sunroof noise.

General Comments:

Those who are constantly replacing rotors/brakes at $700 up, purchase limited life time parts and find a MB certified mechanic. Parts $200 / Labor $170 = approx. $370.00!!!

After the initial parts purchase, your next parts replacement will cost ZERO DOLLARS!!!

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Review Date: 14th December, 2011

15th Dec 2011, 10:57

Do your homework before you buy any M-Class Mercedes. Its reliability in many areas has been poor. The plant that builds them in Tuscaloosa Alabama, has had teething problems that need to be worked out.

Also, the same holds true with the R-Class model... If you find a good clean M-Class or R-Class vehicle, and your heart is set on it, make sure it has a good long warranty on it that covers everything... not just the powertrain...

2003 Mercedes-Benz M-Class 350 3.7L from North America


I see some folks have problem with car shaking at stop. I had this problem as well. It was traced back to a sensor in the engine. Crankshaft position sensor. It was replaced with no cost (except labour) even though my ML was out of warranty. Labour was $60. You can search the internet to see how to replace this sensor... it is a 20 minute job. Part is about $100.

Hope this helps.


General Comments:

I love my 2003 ML. It has 80K miles on it, but rides like new.

Based on my experience with ML, I got one more Mercedes for the family. This time it was a 2010 GLK.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2009

2003 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML270 diesel from UK and Ireland


20K car with a 10K badge! Overpriced for what it is


The heater has an intermittent fault, but only on cold mornings so the dealer cannot do anything about it unless it persists.

Must be a water leak as the windows mist up all the time.

General Comments:

Internal panel fit is poor and there is a persistent squeaking when turning the steering wheel either way, the ride is absolutely dreadful and it feels like the vehicle is on solid tyres, every pothole reverberates into the cabin.

Economy: I find it difficult to better 25mpg, which is around the same as my 4Litre petrol "Ford Exploder"

The drivers seat base looks like it has been removed from a high mileage vehicle and fitted into this 16,000 mile car and the vehicle smells of exhaust fumes internally.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2005

2003 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML 350 350 from North America


Things that have gone wrong:

1. At 33 miles - Front passenger door did not open - dealer replaced motor unit

2. At 40 miles - Engine shakes and seems to almost stall when in a stop condition

- have taken to the dealer 6 times to no avail. Dealer has replaced the fuel filter system twice stating that the filter was leaking explaining that this part is extremely unreliable. The computer system was also replaced. The dealer explained that an incorrect computer system was installed at the factory. Adding to the problems, the code for the system took a week to obtain and when received was the wrong code (dealer explained that this code comes from Germany). Result- the engine still shakes in a stop condition.

3. At 50 miles - the window trim paint peeled off - dealer replaced all trim. They explained that this was a frequent problem with the ML's.

4. At 1800 miles - the home link system failed. The dealer replaced the unit however the problem now seems to occur periodically.

5. At 33 miles - noticed chips in the paint on the side doors. Assume that chips occurred when parked at the dealership lot. Dealer refused to correct stating that it is impossible to fix the small paint chips.

General Comments:

General Comments:

1. The ML 350 seems to have too many problems for such an expensive vehicle.

2. The dealer seems to try to fix the problems, however do not seem to solve the problems. The problems could be inherent in the manufacturing of the vehicle and therefore could be described as a lemon.

3. The dealer has given me a loaner ML 350, however this vehicle also has a problem of a shaking engine in a stop condition. In fact, my hold hand and foot shakes in a stop condition due to the shaking engine. Has anyone else with an ML350 had this problem? Anyone able to diagnose.

4. I do enjoy the vehicle when it is not in with the dealer; however at this point could not recommend this vehicle to anyone.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2004

17th Feb 2004, 04:45

I have recently picked up this vehicle in early 2004. It was build in June 2003 so it's a good 7 months old. The first thing I noticed was the window trim paint peeling and wear and tear that would indicate the car maybe a lot older. However, it is not the case. It is just poor manufacturing as indicated, but the comments above, so I definitely can relate to the point 3 in regards to the window trim.

AS for the other faults, I pray to GOD that it doesn't happen to me as MB is suppose to build quality cars. If I wanted a Lemon, I would have gotten one with a lot more change in my pocket that's for sure. This is my first MERC and I'm already a bit skeptical.

If I have known these problems, I would have gone LEXUS or BMW X5.