2014 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML320 diesel from North America


Worst Canadian winter vehicle EVER!


1 - Didn't come with block heater and WILL NOT start if below -21C (it's below -20C pretty much all winter in Canada… often below -30C) When we spoke to Mercedes about the lack of block heater they said - and I quote - "... anyone who can afford a Mercedes can afford a garage to keep it in..." (plan your next winter road trip with THAT in mind(!!)). Also we asked them to put in a block heater as part of the purchase deal, and were told - again I quote - "... our vehicles don't need them... none of our vehicles on the lot have them...".

2 - Mercedes refused to put in a command start and advised that the warranty would be void if we had an aftermarket CS installed.

3 - Snow & slush builds up in the tires, causing the vehicle to vibrate excessively (gets worse as speed increases, so if you drive through heavy snow or slush, you have to stay below 55Km/h).

4 - It drives heavy and has noticeable body roll.

5 - The windows (inside) actually ice up if the temp and fan are not kept at med-high/high.

General Comments:

We purchased the diesel version of the ML320, mostly because of the longevity of diesel engines – typically put on 50 – 60k Km/year mostly in the winter (the last vehicle we owned we put on 10k km in the 1st month). However due to the coddling required by this vehicle in the winter, we hardly drove it at all. It has proved to be the WORST CANADIAN WINTER VEHICLE we have EVER owned.

Mercedes road side assistance will still take anywhere from 1 - 3 hours... with the tech asking why your vehicle doesn't have a block heater (??!!) (finally managed to get one installed by a local garage that specialises in European makes/models).

It may be the quietest vehicle you'll ever drive, but as a winter vehicle it belongs in Florida.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2014

2nd Aug 2015, 09:44

I believe you live on Baffin Island, I have a 2013 ML 350 BlueTec, I park it in the driveway and it always starts even at -46 C. I have a block heater and I have never plugged it in.

Your comments about the dealer is quite accurate, the service people are evasive & really do not want to help you in any way. The last time I took the car in for a service A, they managed to scrape the paint on a white Merc & mine is dark grey, & I believe something was dropped on the windshield as it is cracked. They told me it was my fault and have a disclaimer on the servicing invoice stating basically they can smash & break anything and it is totally my fault. That's Service? Now I photograph the car from all angles prior to servicing. When I ever do replace the car, I think I will opt for Bentley or a Wraith.

2nd Aug 2015, 09:52

I just reread your comments; if your car was equipped with 20 inch Continental all season radials, they are very wide, and just don't work well in snow, in fact any snow.

I purchased an extra set of 19 inch rims with tires that are not so wide, and they work substantially better. In winter, drive your Merc in comfort mode (not sport), and if you have air suspension, raise the car to its highest level. It raises the truck about 3-3/4 inches and makes all the difference in the snow.