1980 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 300 SD 3 liter turbo diesel from North America


I love this 2 ton diesel tank, great fun


Electrical wiring harness, rear wheel seals, brakes, tie rods, air conditioning compressor, oil cooler, air filter assembly, radio, all power windows, door lock system, ignition key assembly jammed, thermostat climate control, front seat (driver's), speedometer, cruise control, sun roof.

General Comments:

I must stress,I bought this 300 SD knowing of the circumstances and difficulties that would be required to put this vehicle back in good working order. I merely bought this as a challenge, for sanity's sake.

My wife just had our second child, and I knew I wouldn't be going too far from the house for the next little while. I thought this would be great to put back together.

And I was right, this car has been a great delight. I just love driving it. It's a wonderful eye catcher; everyone just loves this old beast.

I just love this car on the highway. It must have been designed for the autobahn. When I first got it, I would cruise at about 105 km/h. Being a little nervous with my first diesel I ever owned, I kept it that way for the 200 km. Or the first time I had to pass someone. To my surprise, the 300SD plunged from 90 km/h to 140/h like a shot. I was flabbergasted and thrilled at the same time. From that day on, I cruise at 115 km/h to 140 wherever I get a chance. It cruises like a real gem, and I get terrific fuel mileage.

I love this thing; it's lots of fun.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2005

14th Jul 2011, 14:48

I bought a 1980 from an elderly couple, knowing that it would require a lot of work to get the car back up to par. It was an easy car for me to work on, and the replacement parts were readily available from the local Mercedes junk yard. Having the front end rebuilt and a complete brake job cost $1100 in 1999. I drove the tank three years, and enjoyed every minute of it. It was always a surprise when you stomped on the fuel pedal, and it was even more amazing what great fuel mileage it managed.