2nd Oct 2009, 18:40

Make sure that the timing chain is checked and replaced on time because these models are notorious for the timing chain to jump and go out. When the timing chain jumps, the valves starts to bend which can lead to high cost repairs. You will know the timing chain is bad when you hear a slight click-click-click noise for 3 seconds and go out.

16th Oct 2009, 14:46

You're right that many people ignore that warning sign, and then they find themselves with a ruined engine about every 100,000 miles. Which after doing research is way more miles than just about all manufacturers with timing belts recommend. Even Lexus recommend every 60,000-70,000 miles for the belts of the mid 90s LS and 50,000-60,000 for early BMW 3 series of the W126 era. Jaguar XJ8 1998-2003 recommend every 100,000. And just about every other model with a timing chain recommends 100,000 mile checks.

Just that if a 1985 and up Lincoln or Cadillac even makes it to 100,000, then by then it's about worth next to nothing anyways, so a blown engine or even a broken belt probably isn't worth fixing.

You have angry Jag owners who were careless and blew some engines over timing chains around 100,000 and beyond mark, but should blame themselves. And not many other makes are even worth an oil change by 100,000 that was made in 1988. But a MBZ, which is still nice can make you cry when that chain breaks, because it's a beautiful car and an engine that can go 300,000 easy just got ruined over a $600 overlook.

Oh yeah, click click, that wasn't there before is not good. And it's real easy to tell. Sounds exactly like someone is banging a chain against the valve cover, which is usually what is happening.

16th Mar 2010, 03:15

I'm a fairly new owner of an '88 560 SEL. This information is invaluable!! Thank you! I also ditto the all around greatness of these automobiles.

19th Apr 2010, 21:28

Regarding click click click... I own a 420 SEL model 1987 built 1986...

To the best of my knowledge, I have not heard, or rather identified any click's (besides one, that I am fairly sure is emanating from one the gauges i.e. speedometer, mileage indicator, tachometer, et cetera, et cetera. I would however, appreciate more information on this possible doomsday click warning, for example if the click occurs after ignition, or if it is it a random phenomena that may occur at anytime. Also if you could clarify as to the loudness of the click, whether it is comparable to one such as a watch produces, or more like one of the old fashioned alarm clocks, or perhaps and hopefully more like a lady in high heals on a marble floor, or or the sound a train makes as it passes over the rail tracks.

I would also be interested in exchanging comments, suggestions, and such, with other 420 SEL owners or aficionados. If anyone else is interested let me know, I will be happy to provide you with my e-mail address.

Thank you.

17th May 2010, 11:01

I'm sorry. Calling it a click is an understatement. It sounds like if you take a timing chain, or one of similar size, and bang it against a hollow metal container at a high rate of speed.

27th Jul 2010, 18:11

I agree, the W220 is very nice and very technologically advanced, however, it and the W140 are too complicated to maintain, and don`t have the simplistic durability like other Benzes.

According to surveys like JD Power, the W221 has been pretty trouble free and has a lot of understatement in its design like the 126, however I imagine a lot of the electronics after 10-15 years will be pricey to replace. Still, if I was getting a newer S-Class, I would pay extra for a 2007 W221 since it seems like it will be a better choice. And if I was going for a used one, I`d get a W126 with no hesitation over a W140 or early W220.