2nd Nov 2009, 02:04

I prefer 300SE or SEL. I find the 420 and 560 engines too big. I have never warmed up to 8 cylinders.

30th Nov 2009, 12:38

I must agree, the 6 cylinder is actually adequate. I had a 560SEL prior. It's a beast, but not many places to put it through it's paces in the states. Took it to Germany, and the 560 was right at home. The 420, my current, is nice more than enough get up and go for US driving and cruising. Not as darty as the 560 but no slouch. But the 300 is more than enough for everyday driving. If I was to go back to Germany hell yeah I'll get a 560 again and unleash the speed demon. In the states, I probably won't as it won't be the same and just attract more speed tickets.

3rd Jul 2010, 08:16

1989 300SEL update.

I finally got it completely serviced and A/C fixed. It was not as expensive as I was told it would be.

Motor and transmission mounts are next to be done. I stopped and thought about the features this car came with; ABS, dual air bags, unheard of in most cars in 1989, and that shows you that Mercedes Benz was just about state of the art at that time. This car has just about all the safety features that the newer cars have today, so I asked myself why part with something that is easier to fix and provides such enjoyment to drive? The answer is simple; I won't part with it until it is beyond repair.

I have chosen to keep the factory radio, but recently sent it out for an iPod upgrade as I like the original aesthetic. Once again this is a car that cruises down the highway and reminds you what driving a Mercedes once was. I would not trade this car for any of the new models.

2nd Apr 2011, 08:00

I love my Mercedes 300 SEL. It has a beautiful body structure, handles like beast, and is the smoothest riding car I have ever owned. I bought it for 900 dollars, the headers need to be replaced, as well as the starter, and needs a tune up. But that is to be expected. All in all, the best investment ever.

22nd Apr 2011, 20:38

A beautiful car, but I found the 300se underpowered for my purposes. In flat geographies perhaps it's fine, but the M103 is not at its best where quick uphill acceleration is needed. But it's a wonderful powerplant, and the w126 chassis is classic understated elegance.