20th Dec 2002, 11:44

I own an '83 300sd. Wonderful car! I have 354,000k Miles and she still gets 27 MPG. Well built and easy to work on if you are so inclined to do so.

21st Feb 2003, 14:36

I just acquired a 1980 300 SD with 221,000 miles for $2,200. This is a clean car with a sweet interior, good paint, glass and chrome. Not perfect, but at 20 feet it looks show worthy. Classic appearance. With 30 years experience in buying, owning and selling vintage and antique cars (including Jaguars) I must say... this is an unbelievable ride at a give away price. A stout tractor-car and at 6'2" I am finally comfortable. Great handling, superior fit and finish beautiful car. This is my first Mercedes, but it won't be my last.

12th Jun 2005, 19:40

These cars are also great for converting to run on WVO. They are very forgiving and dependable. Mine runs like a champ on WVO or diesel.

11th Aug 2005, 14:58

My mechanic thinks, and I agree, that 1981-84 MB 300 SDs must be the greatest series of car ever built. Tight and neutral handling, a definite feel, excellent reliability, tank-like construction, decent gas mileage 22-28 mpg, beautiful interiors, and mechanically designed to keep on running even when there are problems that could be taken more seriously. I've had one for 10 years and am getting rid of it just because I am sick of having the same car for so long. Yes, I've bought another (but the colors are different!)

27th May 2008, 14:01

Parents own and drive a 1984 300SD with almost 200,000 miles. It's been running great, but lately having some starting problems. Always a fan of diesel, but pricing is ridiculous now. The body style is definitely long lasting and construction is built to last. Just wish the car would have more power and a bit tighter handling, but it is a Mercedes-Benz. The car is also worth more than what it's going for. This car will last another 20+ years.

17th Jan 2010, 13:10

I purchased my, one owner, 1984 Mercedes 300-SD in 1992 with over 157,000 miles on it. Then, after driving it for over two months, I called the former owner and ask why he traded in this "perfect car." He replied that he was afraid of "that high mileage." 'Poor guy just didn't know what a fine, "sleeved" Mercedes Diesel is...

Fast forward 'til present: Now (2010), there is well over 307,000 miles on it... and it is great! It's fantastically reliable and has been/is rock solid. I've maintained it well, and upkeep has been very minimal. I am not a "hotrodder" and am really attached to my car... I have maintained it well. It's an outstanding auto. 'Excellent!!! Why everyone doesn't drive diesels (especially Mercedes), I'll never know...

Diesel usage is best from all approachable angles, trust me...

7th Oct 2010, 16:04

I pick up a 1984 SD tomorrow in Kansas, & then get to spend a few days getting used to my 'refound' sense of wonder while driving this car. I've owned 2 300SDs before, and they were great. Unfortunately I next bought a 95 300SDL, which blew up as they're wont to do. It was a horrible experience with the Mercedes dealer, and I stupidly turned my back on Mercedes Benz. Finally, two years ago bought a 2006 E500, thinking that it would be my final car as I'm 67 years old. But every time I saw an early eighties Benz, I still marveled at what Mercedes Benz used to build. Started feeling like I was driving a 'cookie cutter' car, and when my adult daughter visited, she thought the car was a Toyota!! Gads... Enough..

Bought the 84 SD with 127K on it, and I doubt that I'll sleep much tonight. By the way, the wife thinks that I am "CERTIFIABLE".

The E goes on the block next week! I am ecstatic...

7th Dec 2010, 21:32

Just bought a 1984 Mercedes Benz 300SD, and we love it. It's Baltic Green with Tan interior. We are the third owners. It has all the maintenance records since day one, even the original bill of sales. It has 235,000 on it, but runs like a dream and looks so classy. We call him Sherman, and this is definitely our Armageddon Car. Mr @ Mrs G