28th Jul 2008, 16:21

I purchased a S320 three years ago with 53,000 miles on it for $13,500, and really feel like I got a GREAT deal. My car really rides nice. The car has great acceleration and has plenty of room on the inside.

It's the best car I've ever owned, and the body has classic lines and the interior is classy.

In my humble opinion, the car has a very distinguished look, unlike the newer (2000 model year and above) S class sedans, which have very little distinction from other luxury car manufacturers.

However, I would recommend finding a trusted Mercedes mechanic because the dealership I just had my front-end suspension fixed at tried to "nickel and dime" me to death. I received a quote and then they kept jacking up the price. In fact, they made some unauthorized repairs and tried to charge me for them. They said my engine was "miss firing" and they had to replace the spark plugs for another $400 (parts, labor & taxes), which I didn't pay because I had the car worked on 4 months ago where they replaced the spark plugs. Sound familiar??? They replaced my ball joints; springs and something else for $2,600. The labor cost twice as much as the parts... parts $686 and labor was $1,700!!! I'll never go back there if I don't have to.

The car does ride very nice.

23rd Nov 2009, 04:07

LMAO at comparing a '97 LS400 to the this Merc!

I guess the Lexus may be a little less expense for repairs, BUT the '97 LS400 is TINY inside compared to this Mercedes!

The LS400 might as well be a Honda Accord in comparison.

Not to mention not nearly as solid. More reliable, perhaps. More durable? No way.

And let's not get into looks, the LS400 looks like any other Asian car from the side, boring.

And for the record, I do like the 01+ LS models but that's probably because they copied the 90s S-Class styling.