21st Jun 2009, 03:25

All my friends are envious of my 1986 420 SEL... and my 1980 280 SEL... I bought my cars for safety, reliability, comfort... the S class W126 (420SEL) was and it's the most popular luxury car in the world... We don't buy these cars to save money on petrol.. They were expensive to buy.. they are expensive to own and run... A car for the man who is moving up...

1st Oct 2009, 18:37

I have a 1986 420 SEL. It has been a very good car. It is very fast.

I show mine at some of the local car shows. The car has 172300 miles on and still turns heads when I drive it down the street.

I love my 420 SEL.

29th Jul 2010, 11:44

My parents gave me my 1986 420 SEL brand new when I graduated from college. I drove it off the Seattle dealer's showroom floor with 13.8 miles on the odometer. It is black on black with chrome wheels. It is one hot and sexy ride. It now has 134,000 miles on it and it still looks new. I get notes under the windshield wipers offering to buy it constantly. Absolutely nothing has ever broken or worn out on this vehicle. I wouldn't part with it for any amount of money.

3rd Sep 2014, 21:48

I love my 86 420 SEL. I paid $3500 for it, and it has 211,000 on it.

I've put about $2k in it, including replacing the Becker stereo and fuel pumps etc.

I've known this car from new, saw it come off the boat port of Miami. Helped the lady spec/order it back then.

Mine is a teal green/blue with a palomino tan interior. I average 22 MPG on the road, but it requires premium fuel. No big deal. No $500 dollar a month car payment. You can buy a lot of gas for that $$$.