1977 Mercedes-Benz SL SLC 4.5L from North America


320,000 miles!


One of the seats is jiggly.

New tires.

New transmission fluid.

Turn signal indicator has to be held in place for a L or R turn, doesn't stay automatically.

Sunroof sometimes doesn't open.

Back seat is not in good shape.

Automatic trunk and gas-cap release mechanisms don't work (just use the key like on normal cars).

Muffler is starting to go.

Rheostat failed - easy to fix, cost=$0, if you know what & where it is... it controls the dashboard lights.

The pneumatic seat adjusters don't work automatically

General Comments:

Engine built like a tank.

Handles very well.

Corners well.

Smooth ride.

Cruises 80 no problem.

Looks like an 80's stockbroker car.

Great car for the city.

Looks good and relatively inexpensive.

Every time I stop for gas or parking, I get comments, ie, nice car. Once I drag raced a newer model Toyota Supra and won. The guy peeled out and we left him burning rubber at the light.

Another time we had a bunch of furniture on the roof and someone tried to drag race us, but we didn't want to lose our merchandise.

The stereo was replaced with a CD-player. The electric antenna is cool.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2002

28th Nov 2005, 16:36

Hi there, can you please provide me with some information on the easy fix for the faulty rheostat on Mercedes SLC. Any help would be much appreciated!

8th May 2006, 13:07

I had the problem with the turn signal not staying on. I solved the problem by replacing the front bushings. I bought my bushings at www.autopartswarehouse.com (front bushings, steering stabilizer, motor mounts = $215.) Dealer gets $500 for bushings and $1200+ for installation.

1977 Mercedes-Benz SL 450SL 4.5L V8 from North America


No kids! This should be your baby


Transmission had to be rebuilt at 222,000 miles.

Power steering hoses and mechanism replaced twice in two years.

General Comments:

Real good looking car that will never be outdated. In the 70's it was a car for the rich and famous movie stars: Bobby Ewing from "Dallas", Jonathon Hart from "Hart to Hart". Today, even though they keep their value extremely well, they are affordable.

I had back speakers fitted into the board behind the drivers seat and a CD changer in the trunk. Favourite summer time activity - cruising in style with the roof down, tunes playing, having the time of my life. Everyone should experience this.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2002

16th Feb 2003, 12:38

Wasn't Bobby Ewing's a 1978? jrobb7@cox.net.