1978 Mercedes-Benz SL 450 SLC 4.5 V8 from UK and Ireland


Solid, Luxury and it does not feel like 30 years old


Vacuum System for Central Lock is not working.

Need new steering coupler.

Engine Mount is worn, judders a bit and squeaks.

Oil Leak (Either Sump Gasket or Loose Oil Filter)

General Comments:

I acquired the wonderful 450SLC from a retired gentleman who used to be an engineer. He has owned and cared for the car for more than 13 years.

The car performed flawlessly from Shrewsbury to London. The power is great when you need it, but I prefer to cruise along, this car is extremely relaxing to drive.

I am a young driver, but I have had the opportunities to drive quite a few vehicle. It feels like a combination of a Range Rover and a W210 Merc we use to own.

The car is not very nimble but the grip is amazing and the ride is unbelievably comfortable, even in the back. The rear room in this car is incredible.

Obviously due to the car's age, there are a few things wrong with the car, but I do not feel this car will let me down at all. It does not feel like it will ever break down. Despite being 30 years old, it feels incredibly solid.

Obviously it isn't as light and nimble as my old car (Ford Mondeo 1.8), but to be honest this car is in a totally different league.

With power also comes price, this car does like petrol, but I don't mind too much as it is being used as a weekend car.

Once you get in the car and go for a drive, you will forget that it is a 30 year old car. I am 20 and this car just feel much newer, it has got 4 electric windows, electric sunroof, electric aerial.

The only complaint I might have is the oil filler cap, which I am not sure whether it should lock or not? Also the headlights, when I was in my Mondeo I have always been frustrated about the lack of light from the headlamps, but this car's headlamp is amazing (a little bit trivial, but I thought I might talk about it, as I am so please with this)

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Review Date: 17th October, 2008

18th Oct 2008, 22:01

I have an 1980 450SLC and it's the nearest perfect car I have ever driven!!!

16th Nov 2008, 07:09

Yes, indeed agreed totally, everything about it feels so solid and not flimsy at all. It actually feels like a tank.

26th Jan 2009, 12:46

I own a white 1980 450SLC with just over 91,000 miles. I brought the air conditioner up to standard, and added some new chrome rims. The car drives like a champ, it's a pleasure to drive, and it always turns heads.

17th May 2009, 07:16

Nice reviews. When you say car is thirsty, what mpg are you guys getting? This is the only thing putting me off car as I would like it as a daily runner.

27th Jan 2011, 18:01

I just recently was given my Grandmother's 1980 450SLC. It's a light metallic blue with dark blue interior. With only 121,000 miles. She drove it an average of 4,000 miles. per year. This car was garaged and very well kept. It now sits in my garage. I drive it on the weekends, and I don't drive it in the rain or on dirt roads, I plan on keeping it pristine. People always look and comment on it. I'm proud to drive it. Around town it gets about 15 mpg, and a little over 25 mpg on the open road.

It is truly an exceptional car, very fun to drive and very comfortable. I'm very lucky to have it.

7th Aug 2011, 04:31

I am the original writer of this review. Unfortunately, my car was crashed into whilst I was asleep and was totally written off.

I miss this car, although I have only had it for 6 months, it is perfect in every way. I regularly go on classic classifieds to find one that I can afford, but alas, there aren't any.

I am sure, this is one of the cars I would definitely buy again in the future, although it might a different engine I go for this time. I like the 4.5 V8, but it's too thirsty. I might try a 380 SLC, which I think has a 4 speed auto gearbox.

Nonetheless, whichever engine you go for, the SLC is a brilliant, brilliant car! I have since driven a C5 Audi 2.6, and the 450 SLC is just magnificent.

1978 Mercedes-Benz SL SLC 4.5 from North America




The car does idle high, but in drive the idle kicks down.

The seats are a little loose.

There's some rust on the outside of the car.

General Comments:

A very nice car. Overall I would get another one; I just wish that the parts were not so expensive.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2008