1996 Mercedes-Benz SL 320 3.2 from North America


Really enjoy it


One minor issue with one actuator for the soft top.

General Comments:

Other than normal service, oil.filters, etc., the car has required no other repairs.

I wouldn't refer to it as a sports car i.e., Porsche, Corvette, etc., but more of a touring car;

great trunk, better than any other car of its type, you can fit two sets of golf clubs plus baggage.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2011

1996 Mercedes-Benz SL SL320 3.2 from North America


They need a lot of TLC


5 speed auto trans failure at 90,000 miles.

The top sensors and motor mounts replaced.

The radiator leaks.

The wire harness under pass seat replaced due to break.

The front spindle replaced due to bearing failure.

The heater works sometimes and the CD player doesn't work at all.

The front engine cover and trans seals leak oil.

General Comments:

I purchased the car knowing it needed minor repairs. I didn't know to what extent. I buy used parts when available because new Mercedes parts are too expensive.

I think Mercedes has to provide better seals and gaskets.

Despite the problems I love the car. It's just tough love. $$$$

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Review Date: 25th December, 2008

1996 Mercedes-Benz SL 500 5.0 from UK and Ireland


The best quality open car Mercedes ever made - period!


Initial gearbox fault. Cleared the fault codes and has been fine ever since.

General Comments:

A deceptive car, at first you think it's going to be a cruiser for boulevards and the south of France; a bit of posing pouch.

However, after you get to know the car, you find out it really handles like a sports car (albeit a large one.

Motoring with the hood down is one of the more pleasurable experiences in life, and one that I have grown increasingly addicted to.

The 5.0 V8 is an excellent engine and perfectly matched to the SL. Don't be swayed into buying a 320, the car is too heavy for the engine and fuel economy is about the same as the 500. Ignore the 6.0 V12 as it is nose heavy, and if driven with gusto, has an enormous appetite for fuel.

My only criticism of the car is the brakes, they offer very little in way of feel and require quite a shove sometimes to get good stopping power.

I must admit to owning several Mercedes, all of a similar age ,and the cars built in and around the mid 90's are built to such an incredible standard, nothing ever squeaks, rattles or shakes; the ride comfort for an open car is exceptional.

If you are looking to purchase a roadster on a budget, don't look any further; these cars represent the height of Mercedes build quality, and are fitted with some of the finest engines ever made.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2007

29th Dec 2008, 04:48

I drive a 1996 SL320 and average 26mpg. On long interstate trips 28mpg.

Your car has low mileage and should last for years. When you are maintaining your vehicle check for fluid leaks, worn strut bushings and broken motor mounts. Also service the transmission because they are very expensive to repair or replace.

I had few problems until 80k.

Good Luck.