2003 Mercedes-Benz SL 500 5.0 V8 from Spain


Fantastically beautiful, but don't buy one unless you have deep pockets


Glove box failure - adjustment required.

Torque converter failed along with the entire transmission - complete rebuild required from specialist at a cost of Euro 2700 (after paying Mercedes dealer 800 euros for gearbox oil change and valve plate.

Rear wheel arch rust bubbles - done by Mercedes independent specialist.

SBC module "expired" - replaced by Mercedes dealer at a cost of 2000 euros.

Roof misalignment broke black plastic strips either side of the rear screen - cost 400 euros from an indie.

General Comments:

Beautiful. Not overly powerful. Looks a million dollars. However it's massively expensive to run - I have spent thousands and thousands of euros on this car - probably something like 7000 euros since I bought it.

The SBC pump thing, which cost me 2k, is a joke - it basically "expires" - doesn't break down, just NEEDS replacing due to the number of brake applications - dash says it's unsafe to drive the car. Yes I know you can buy a module from eBay which cancels it, but sorry I am not risking my life and others too driving a 2 ton car which just might have complete brake failure.

Despite all of the above, I love it dearly though!!

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Review Date: 28th February, 2016

2003 Mercedes-Benz SL from North America




Air bag module failed: $2,700.

Front struts failed: $700.

2 trim pieces fell off: $1,000.

Starter failed: $1,300..

All within 9,000 miles of driving. Local dealer service was awful.

General Comments:

Buy this car only with a warranty that will last until you sell it.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2010

2003 Mercedes-Benz SL AMG SL55 Renntech Edition 5.5 from North America




Nothing absolutely perfect.

General Comments:

I would recommend this car to anyone, extremely fast and well worth all the money spent.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2004

4th Jan 2004, 19:31

A manual SL55?

31st Mar 2008, 11:35

Probably has an old Diesel Merc.

9th Jan 2011, 18:27

I have a 2002 SLK 320. Just a dream.

The good: was recently rear ended by a 98 Honda at approx 45 mph. His car was a complete loss, and my SLK trunk lid was misaligned, and put a small crease in the rear quarter panel.

The bad: Cat back replaced at 30k, ignition switch needed rebuilt (not a stock item) at 70k. 1k in parts and labor. Needs more leg room than provided. I will definitely buy another one soon. Tough old bird.