2005 Mercedes-Benz SL SL65 from North America


You can't possibly imagine how powerful this car is until you drive it!



General Comments:

This is the best car I have ever driven.

I drives like a rocket.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2004

10th Oct 2004, 10:00

Please place another review when you actually own the car, thanks :)

18th Oct 2004, 16:40

I actually do own the car. I bought it at Danbury Mercedes in Danbury, CT. I have 384 miles on it and it does drive like a rocket. I have the Silver Arrow Launch edition and it is a gorgeous car. When I say it drives like a rocket, I also mean it sounds like a rocket. previously I had the 2004 E55. That was a great car to, but the torque in this and the sheer power is much different then the E55. E55 was incredibly responsive, while this cars torque gives a great deal of power and vibration throughout the entire car.

Why would you think I don't actually own it? Curious!

13th Nov 2004, 07:29

I have been driving an SL 55 for the last two years with a tremendous amount of satisfaction; I will be taking delivery of an SL65 in several weeks and wonder if the price increase is really worth the extra power? How is the sound of a 65 compared to a 55? Is it worth the price?

2nd Feb 2005, 14:16

I'm sorry, ill happily admit not to ever owning either of these breathtaking cars, but have supplied both via Mercedes of Liverpool, where I am a Senior Sales Executive. I can say that the SL65's power is unbelievable, but the sound of the v12's turbocharged engine is ever so slightly muted in comparison the 55's v8 supercharged motor, that is brutal in comparison, and I find it to be more invigorating when driving.

The 65 is an unbelievable car and is almost too quick, whereas the 55 is useable brutality and would be my choice. But, quite simply, if you are paying for exclusivity, the 65 takes it!