2000 Mercedes-Benz SLK 320 V6 from UK and Ireland


Sensible fun, particularly when bought used with full Mercedes service history


Completely faultless. Despite worryingly low annual mileage and a history of short trips up to the time of purchase, regular servicing and valeting by the previous owner has ensured that the car looks and feels like new.

Fabulous build quality and finish, with no signs of wear or deterioration, either outside or in; not bad for a five year old car.

Typical Mercedes hewn-from-solid feel, which may not be overtly sporty, but is reassuring and suggests that it will go on for ever.

General Comments:

Disappointingly numb steering, which will presumably aid stability on fast open roads and motorways, but turn in and grip cannot be faulted.

Lovely retro interior with wood and leather just adds to the sense of occasion. Electric seats particularly useful with two drivers.

Wonderful, effortless performance from the V6, which sounds incredible when asked to perform, yet is limo-silent when cruising.

Tiptronic auto box is a perfect match for this engine. Manual control via tip function is excellent through the twisty and hilly bits, and even in drive, the auto box adjusts to driving syle, and doesn't change up when you don't want it to, e.g. around corners when pressing on.

Folding metal roof is brilliant, providing no-fuss open motoring at the push of a button and saloon-like security and comfort when raised.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2005

20th Feb 2005, 23:42

Your car's year of manufacture is 2005 and you are saying about the problems after 5 years?

21st Feb 2005, 21:01

The car was first registered in June 2000, and had been used as a second car by its original owner.

2000 Mercedes-Benz SLK 2.4 from UK and Ireland


A luxury sports car



Guess I may not have had the car long enough.

General Comments:

A wonderful head turning all-rounder.

I bought my SLK on the way to the dentist. There was a 6 month waiting list, used cars were selling for a premium and there were three on the forecourt opposite. The salesman admitted they’d just had a cancellation, and according to company policy could sell it, for £3,000 below the “used price”.

I signed on the dot there and then.

It’s been a wonderful experience. Head turning with the roof up, and jaw dropping with it down.

The best experience I had was in Soho, the smart bars and restaurants part of central London. On a very hot night in a traffic jam, I dropped the roof, along with the jaws of the 100s of drinkers who crowded the pavements. Best reaction of all was a black tramp who was passing, who burst out laughing saying…

“That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen”.

The car itself drove wonderfully. Fast (although surprisingly quiet – I’d have preferred more growl from the engine), and it took corners like it was on rails.

It drinks petrol though. Expect around 20-25mpg – so not one for an environmentalist.

This is all “in the past” – I then married a wonderful woman with two children, fathered another and traded in the SLK for an “A-Class”.

Still. I loved it.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2003

2000 Mercedes-Benz SLK 200K 2.0 kompressor from UK and Ireland


Great car, poor dealers


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

Very good car, let down only by the people that sell them.

There is a problem with price reductions.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2000

15th Aug 2001, 14:51

Quite right: the 2001 SLK 230 is a fine car (so far) but I swear the dealers came over from the Chrysler Division. There are no words in the English language that can connote a negative enough statement about my dealer. I feel that I bought the "poor relation" of the line and have certainly been treated that way.

17th Oct 2001, 13:04

I too was misled by the name of "Mercedes" in terms of the car dealers. I actually walked out of the LA Downtown Dealership because the salesman I dealt with there was a complete jerk. But the car really is sweet!

2000 Mercedes-Benz SLK 320 3.2 from UK and Ireland


No compromise roadster


Roof prone to rattling after a while - lubrication by the dealer seems to cure the problem.

Coloured interior prone to chipping.

No other faults.

General Comments:

Very good all rounder which manages to play the open topped sports car very well on a sunny day yet also whisk you up the motorway in comfort in the rain when required.

V6 more than adequate for most performance wise. Exhaust note won't satisfy TVR fans but it's almost outragously loud for a Merc. 25mpg typical consumption.

Handling is generally very good but the steering could do with a little more feel - turn in is sharp, however. Ride is comfortable for a sportster. Some may prefer a slightly sharper chassis.

Looks good, goes well, comfortable, well equipped for a Merc, good at being a hard driven roadster, good at being a motorway coupe and good at being a gently driven tourer. At the moment, probably the closest you can get to the no compromise sports car.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2000

8th Feb 2006, 13:17

Greetings to my friends. I want to buy a 1998 SLK 230 roadster with 70000 miles from an older couple for $14000,00. Could you please advise me on whether I should buy it or not? Is it going to break all the time? What should I look for before buying it? Since this is the first year that they made this car, what are the things they improved later on? I am looking forward for your responses before I make my decision. Thank you.