SLK 320 3.2

Sex on Wheels

185 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

SLK 230K 2.3 petrol

Classic sports car with style, performance and security

268 words, UK and Ireland

SLK 200 2.0

OK if you feel comfortable with this level of contribution to global warming

80 words, UK and Ireland

SLK 320


96 words, North America

SLK 320 320

Fantastic - going to keep this one for life. Nothing else comes close for looks and performance

196 words, UK and Ireland

SLK 230 kompresser 2.2 supercharged

Roadster Heaven - Sleek Comfy Fast

169 words, North America

SLK 200 2.0

Excelent car, feel cheated as it required more maintenence than I would have expected

73 words, UK and Ireland

SLK 320 2.30 Kompressor

A low quality rip-off. Never buy a mercedes. Please

74 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments


A Convertible for all Seasons

212 words, UK and Ireland