2004 Mercedes-Benz SLK 200K 2.0 Kompressor from UK and Ireland


A real Beauty


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General Comments:

It's an absolutely beautiful car a delight to drive and a real stunner to look at.

I read some of the reviews on this web site before I purchased (new) and nearly changed my mind! Some of the reviewers must have been driving a different model. I know the car is still nearly new, so I can't comment on reliability, but the only problem I've had that was mentioned in other reviews is a (slightly) stiff boot release.

Of course other faults mentioned may have been sorted out by the time mine was manufactured (January 1994)

I'm particularly impressed with the economy-37 mpg if I'm fairly light footed!

The only snag is it takes me 5 minutes longer to get to work in the morning as I enjoy driving it so much I go very SLOWLY to make the trip last!

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Review Date: 21st July, 2004

6th Mar 2005, 21:06

Thanks for the review. I currently own a BMW Z-3 and I'm very unhappy with the airconditioning. Considering the SLK. I'm told the air works great.

6th Apr 2005, 04:24

Sorry, but you said that your SLK is a 1994 model? It shouldn't be under 2004.

3rd Sep 2006, 07:56

Purely from a personal point of view, the SLK is as stunning as any car on the road today. The ride is perfect and comfort given by the seats I have found to be exceptional. Having recently returned from a driving holiday to Italy, the 14-hour driving stints behind the wheel saw my girlfriend and I arrive as fresh as daisies :)

The previous question asking about the aircon - I can confirm that it works superbly, hood down or up. One thing though to bear in mind, Merc drivers can be quite snobby and refer to it as environment controls. Either way, go for it, it's a superb car and continues to turn heads when driven.