2005 Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 3.5L gas from North America




Passenger window wouldn't go down twice. I just opened the passenger door and it fixed itself. Almost gave me a heart attack the second time, because the roof wouldn't go down because of it.

General Comments:

Oil change is $140, so beware of running costs. But then again, you're driving a Benz so it's expected.

It's still annoying the price of every little part on the car. Even Indy mechanics will charge you a lot, since the parts themselves are expensive. I hope mine doesn't break, because it's out of warranty (bought used).

Other than that negative feeling, all the rest have been positive in my 6 months of ownership. I've had tons of fun driving this thing on mountain roads; acceleration and handling are heart-pounding!

I have an automatic, but with the steptronic it's fairly controllable. Yes there's a slight lag when changing gears, but I don't think I could shift gears faster with a manual (maybe you can, if you're very good!)

Test drove a 280 and a 350. The 350 is the way to go; more torquey, more HP! The difference is really noticeable. Of course, if you're loaded, get the AMG.

Looks are gorgeous. I always turn around and take a look at it when walking away.

Roof mechanicals are nice, but you have to stay in the car and hold the button until it finishes opening or closing. Also no activating the roof while moving. The remote roof operation option is pretty useless. You have to stay VERY close and hold the button until the roof finishes its cycle. Unsatisfied with this, I bought an aftermarket option, which took 2 hours to install (did it myself), and now it uses the radio frequency to operate the roof by just tapping the remote 3 times. It also raises or lowers the roof while moving, with just 1 tap of the button. Couldn't be happier.

Interior-wise, yes, it's not as nice as say an S-class, but it's not bad either. I test drove an old Z4, and the one in the SLK has better materials. The new Z4's interior is better, though.

This is the best thing I've ever owned, and I'm enjoying every second of driving it.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2010