3rd Jun 2008, 17:39

I own a yellow 99 SLK and performance wise it is exceptional. Braking is superb. I am having an issue with the clear coat peeling only on the top. The body shows no signs of peeling other than that. I have had the a/c compressor replaced/repaired, and the fan and temp control switches replaced. The top occasionally will not retract and found that the cylinder needs replacing as it is losing fluid. Mine has 64k miles. Even with all of this, it is a great car... I bought a warranty and with everything repaired its only cost me $150. I have a black interior and have very few issues with the paint. I put Michelin tires on and get exceptional handling. I use Mobile 1 and change the oil every 4500 miles.

20th Aug 2008, 15:34

I sometimes read things similar to the bad experience with the SLK230 1999. I have one that I love so far. And I like several others have said there are good and bad cars out there.

My experience with BMW owners is very similar. The 700 series has had extensive electrical problems.

The 500 Series has similar electrical problems.

The 300 series has fewer bells and whistles, so fewer electrical problems. But the rattels, bad seats and other items will make most whom I have talked to never repeat their mistakes with BMW.

So, it can happen to any car from any manufactuer.

17th Dec 2012, 08:50


I'm planning to buy a 1999 SLK 230 in a few days, & I'm thinking of putting on 19" wheels. How does yours handle, & what spacers do you have on your car?

I've noticed that the interior is in good shape, except for the area around the gear stick; it's worn out and a little chipped off.

Any advice and suggestions from you will be highly appreciated!