16th Dec 2008, 18:47

I own a 1998 230 SLK which has approx. 34000 miles on it.

The "coating" on the console is wearing off as well as peeling off, exposing a black finish under the original grey color. I have asked dealers & mechanics, and am told this is a common problem and there is no acceptable remedy. The slightest touch on the console surface will leave a black mark due to the "coating" being so thin. This condition really disturbs me since the rest of the car is in excellent condition.

6th Feb 2009, 00:26

My 1998 SLK with 11,000 miles on it (yes that's all) also has a small peeling spot on the console. You can get the original MB paint for touch up or refinishing your console on ebay. It's shipped from Germany. I'm gonna give it a try.

My roof was giving me trouble, the problem is actually in the trunk latch. The cam that leads from the trunk key lock to the trunk latch sticks just enough to make the internal sensor think the trunk is open. If you reach into the trunk lid right side & turn the cam another .5 inch, the roof will work fine. I don't know if it's a lubrication issue or if the spring that's supposed to pull the cam back into place is getting weak. Since the tail lights were replaced from the recall, the problem has not returned. Maybe the dealer fixed that too.

Door not closing properly - check the bumper/tensioner between the two inside hinges. One day I opened my door and a bolt fell out. It went to this bumper & they all were loose. Once I fixed it, the door closed much better. Put some thread locker on the bolt & tighten it up snug. Do not over tighten!!! Those bolts will strip out with very little pressure.

9th Nov 2010, 17:03

1 have a 1998 SLK 230, love the car, it has a 350,000 miles on it, and still runs like a champ!!!

I change the oil every 2,000 miles, I guess that's why it's still running, only problem I have had with the car is the top... great car!!!