2019 Mercedes-Benz Vito Metris Passenger 2.0L turbo gas from North America


More practical than the Ford pickup


Nothing mechanical.

Tires that came with the car (Hankook) were absolutely HORRIBLE! Replaced with Nokian All Weather (also purchased winter tires on wheels)

Getting into the front passenger seat is difficult as the grab handle is in a bad location. Needs a handle in the A-pillar as in other Mercedes.

General Comments:

The van has great visibility to the front/sides. Rear visibility is restricted by the seat headrests and the 180-degree doors.

Seats are comfortable up front, but the rear seats are narrow.

Acceleration is brisk, getting up to speed very quickly. Brakes are very good.

Very good on snowy roads with winter tires.

Radio and navigation could be better, although the sound is quite good. I have added a SiriusXM receiver.

Bluetooth is good, but using the way of finding people/places in the address book defeats the idea of hands free. This system is nothing like the phone in our other Mercedes. Finding who you want to call is a big distraction.

We took the 3rd row seats out for more room for dogs, suitcases, etc. Seats come out easily, but are quite heavy.

The van is good, but not as good as the Euro versions. It could be better.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 6th April, 2021

9th Apr 2021, 12:43

I wasn't aware M was selling this van in North America. I went looking on the Canadian site, it starts at $50K CAD which is too expensive for a "utility style" family minivan, but surely they can hit the actual utility vehicles market with the stripped down version. I don't like the center console design.

Good point about the original tires, I recommend to anyone to pay attention to the factory tires of any new car and to negotiate the car to be delivered with good quality tires, as many, many car makers offer their new cars with low quality tires.