W108 280SE Sedan 3.5 petrol injection V8

Distinctive, imposing on the road - relatively expensive to maintain, but an appreciating classic

235 words, Australia and New Zealand

W108 280SE 2.8 litre

A practical classic

23 words, Australia and New Zealand


W108 280SE 2.8 petrol Mechanical PI

Built to last and still running extremely well

166 words, Australia and New Zealand


W108 280S 2.8 litre carburettor

The best quality even if compared with today's cars

64 words, South Africa, 1 comment


W108 280SE Automatic 2.8 liter Fuel Injection

Still a pleasure to drive!

28 words, South Africa

W108 250 SE 2.5 liters, 6 cylinder. in line

A pleasure to drive such a classic car

199 words, Netherlands