1966 Mercedes-Benz W113 230 SL from UK and Ireland


Just gorgeous


Distributor needed to be helped out with electronic ignition.

The jets on the cold start valve can get blocked.

Heater control levers are stuck.

Bonnet can come away from it's anchoring.

General Comments:

Beautifully engineered well balanced car. Can roll a bit on sharp corners - but a real blast to drive at the higher end of the rev range.

Speed (mph) = revs/50 in top gear (fourth). Engine sounds lovely in tunnels.

Drop dead gorgeous with the hardtop on, and will bring you back from the dead when topless. A real automotive masterpiece of design.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2009

1964 Mercedes-Benz W113 230 SL from Switzerland


Perfect roadster from the sixties


Car body is in excellent condition, however the car was not used much for years, so some repairs were needed. Most notable was the power-assisted steering, which leaked oil and needed a refitting.

General Comments:

Most beautiful when driven open. There are few roadsters from the sixties that match the looks of a pagoda when driven open.

This car is all about space and light, I know no other car that gives you such a spacious feeling inside.

The car can be easily driven in today's traffic (perfect power assisted steering, excellent automatic transmission) however engine develops power above 4k rpm only so needs some adjustments in driving habits. The sound of the engine compensates more than enough when driven hard.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2009

1970 Mercedes-Benz W113 280 SL 2.8 ltr from North America


A keeper


Distributor rebuilt.

Injection pump rebuilt.

Trunk tends to get wet under mat in rain or after washing.

General Comments:

A gorgeous, beautifully assembled machine that is the last of the hand-built vehicles. Triple-plated chromed brass, leather everywhere, even a gas cap that is a work of art... A nice example of a Pagoda is a stunning piece of workmanship. Buy it and own it forever without a moment of regret.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2008

15th Oct 2009, 05:51

As a Pagoda owner myself, I'm in complete agreement except for the fact, that these cars were hand-built. The correct term would be partially hand-finished.

As you mention, the FI pump is the Achilles heel as it is both complicated and expensive to replace if it packs up.

Best regards.