1974 Mercedes-Benz W116 450SE 4.5L gasoline from North America


U-turns like a hatchback, and turns heads as a classic car should do


Nothing has gone wrong with the car while I owned it, but there are problems with it when I bought it:

- Had tie rods done ($500).

- Needs new upper control arm bushings & ball joints.

- Needs a complete new exhaust system minus manifolds/headers.

- Marginal rust on one side of the car due to the previous owner parking it on the side of the main road during salty winters.

- Some electrics such as the aux engine fan, dash illumination and air conditioning not working.

- Indicator stalk won't stay engaged unless I hold it.

- Springs are worn out for front and rear passenger seats, but the driver's is still perfect.

- Front and rear windscreens are starting to de-laminate.

- Engine idle RPM is a bit too high.

- Power steering sometimes leaks.

General Comments:

First car and spent only a grand on it. Even though it needs work, it is a reliable daily driver, never breaking down on me. I hope to slowly restore it, bit by bit every month or so. If things work out, I'd like to hold on to it until the day I have children and pass it on to them when I pass. I'd like to see the day it reaches 500 000 km too.

The car is worth a lot more than the grand I spent on it. The interior is flawless with no rips or scratches in the leather.

Surprisingly easy to park and to control in the snow. U-Turns like a hatchback, and turns heads as a classic car should do. Acceleration is smooth, if not a bit leisurely.

Gas ain't bad, $60 to fill up 94 octane every 2 weeks. But it'd be nice to have a second car for driving to class.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2009

1974 Mercedes-Benz W116 450 SEL 4.5 from North America


German Engineering, need I say more


Seats worn. New Tires, Battery, tune up in 06. Needs paint and professional body work to look 100 percent.

Wheel bearings, brakes.

Car is currently in shop now for stuck throttle and major maintenance. 1200.00 and counting, Expensive!!! Only paid 400 for car, I new at some point money would have to be put in to get it mechanically sound.

Gas prices keep this car as a Sunday driver or back up to my main vehicles.

General Comments:

This car handles well, as it should, it's a Benz.

Once up to speed, engine has an endless amount of tourque.

A/C works great/Heat is marginal (needs thermostat). Transmission is awesome, shifts as it should. Great turning radius, I can maneuver this car almost as well as a mid size.

I plan to get it mechanically sound then begin fixing the body and eventually paint it.

Has original Becker Radio, sounds pretty good for 34 years old.

I can load a lot into it, very spacious.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2008

1974 Mercedes-Benz W116 280 SE 2.8 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Every time I see my car I smile!


Electric fuel pump sometimes refuses to pump.

Clock in dash keeps it's own time.

Some of the fuel injection sensors got a bit flaky and needed to be repaired.

One of the suspension ball joints wore out.

It goes through a bit of oil...

General Comments:

Fantastic car. The ride is sublime, especially considering the age and distance it has traveled.

Car is disturbingly agile for its size. Great fun to throw around corners!

I used to hate automatic transmissions until I drove this car. Very smooth changes and responsive manual shifting.

It is the perfect car for long road trips with friends.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2003

17th Sep 2005, 23:15

Well, I just bought my first car.

A 1974 Mercedes-Benz W116 280 SE.

Like you said, it sits amazingly well to the road.

She's a real treat to drive compared to the little colt I've been driving prior.