1987 Mercedes-Benz W116 420SEL 4.2L V8 from North America


Awesome car, if you don't mind paying at the gas pump


Power antenna.

Control Unit.


General Comments:

I am a 18 year old kid. My dad got this car in 1994 and I have wanted it ever since. So when I got my License at Age 16 and he asked me what car I want, I smiled and said, the 420! The car has a powerful 4.2L V8, with plenty of punch. The only thing wrong, is the 0-30MPH take off. Due to the tremendous weight of the car, the car is a little hard to get going, however, once the car gets moving, it really Moves. Especially on the freeway. 50MPH-80MPH pick up is really quick, and it has no trouble slipping into triple digits either. It's especially good for long trips, with it's roomy interior and comfortable seats. I always floor the gas pedal, and completely abuse the car, but the car has never been anything, but a joy for me.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2007

4th Jun 2009, 22:32

I hope you treat your car with more respect.. nothing is designed in mind to withstand abuse. though nothing has not gone wrong to date, it does not mean that you'll have to wait till something goes wrong.

Anyway, this car is the W126 instead of the 116. It's a classic from a bygone era nonetheless and I also share your enthusiasm and appreciation for that.