1981 Mercedes-Benz W123 230ce 2.3i from Malaysia




The floor pan is totally wasted. left & right. back & front. I have another 4door 230e from 1983 and I had a major repair on the floor pan 4 years ago. anyway, I had all the rusted panels cut out & fabricated repair panels welded in place.

The wind screen & door & window rubber seals have all hardened and cracked. I would like to replace them. yes, all of them. can anyone tell me where I can order them?

While waiting for my rubber seals, I'm having the car painted. there's some dings on the chrome trims, but I'm probably going to re-use them. the rebuilt thus far is likely to set my bank balance to a negative figure!! ouch...

General Comments:

Classy. comfortable. reliable. classy. classy.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2006

1981 Mercedes-Benz W123 240d 2.4 inline 4 cylinder diesel from Nicaragua





General Comments:

Mercedes Benz. The name of a prestigous car maker from the cold mountains of old Germania. Well in this case, Mercedes Benz didn't just make another car; they made a legend.

If you want to know why this car is so great as to the production method. Well, let me tell you, before car engineering and design was stolen from true engineers and handed over to sleazy accountants, making a car was about giving a person a car that was worth every cent of their hard earned money. Now cars aren't made for that purpose, they are made to make profit. A lot more profit. Tons of more profit. To the extent of making a shoddy vehicle just for the money. No more is good workmanship and quality inherent to the company policies. To make money is their only purpose. How low have we sunk.

Well this car was proudly designed and made by engineers, and not accountants that would cut costs with less than good quality materials. This car is a old school Mercedes Benz. The best of the brand. This car had no limit to the price, so that a certain piece of the market would buy it. This car was made with not many expenses left out. So be not afraid of this car, it is a reliable one, yes it is.

Mercedes Benz 240d.

D for Diesel. Why is this a diesel car? You ask? It is not a truck? Well, my friend, be grateful it is graced by a diesel engine and not a gasoline one. For within said engine lies the car's heart, a heart worthy of pumping thousands and thousands of gallons or liters of diesel through its lines, and igniting the passion of your destiny.

This car is a dream to drive. I mean in suspension. The car has awesome soft suspension. It feels different and better than going over a speed bump in this car than in another car.

The engine is immortal, mythical, mysterious, eternal, undestroyable, uncommon, etc. Take your pick. The 616 engine is supposed to go 400 k to 500 k miles without opening the engine and rebuilding it with good care of course. The same engine is used in power plants and trucks.

The diesel engine is more efficient than gasoline, doesn't explode on impact, and it runs on biodiesel or heated waste vegetable oil.

Low maintenance and low running costs are what the 240d is all about. Give it an oil change and a valve job, and she is happy.

Fuel economy is great: say 35-40 mpg is how much fuel she burns.

Safety. Unless you're planning to crash head on with another car or run off a small cliff and kill yourself, do not buy this car. You will most likely survive. Get another kind of car to kill yourself in.

The metal is strong because it is thick and will take a licking. The comfort is great, very sofaesque like seats that make you feel at home, and a smooth, soft ride, like you're riding on tires full of jell-o instead of air.

This car is slow by today's standards.

If you are an important person, people will wait for you, OK.

You are not only buying a car, you are buying a family member that will not leave you until you put it up for adoption.

Easy to repair and diagnose is what this car is all about.

If you want to own a car that is owned by presidents and generals of the United States, Kings of Europe and Sheiks of the Middle East, it was owned by a rich, young, and successful artist, maybe you have heard of him: John Lennon of the world famous Beatles.

This car has many surprises, it works without an alternator, has a hand pump so when you run out of diesel fuel, you can start it back up yourself without bleeding the fuel lines.

This is a great car, and will not let you down.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2005

26th Jul 2005, 07:15

I'm an accountant... and I'm NOT sleazy!! I recently purchased a 1982 240D "project car". Now...I'm not very mechanically inclined, but these cars don't require all that much either. I'm really enjoying the ride, which is exceptional... not to mention the fact it's a 23 year old vehicle.

1st Aug 2005, 21:25

It's true. The 240d is the best car ever built. I've had my '83 since 2000, and it has helped make me a better person. I've learned to slow down and appreciate life at 68 horse power.

I paid $3k on eBay for it, and have probably put another $12k into it over the past 4 years. So, I'm certifiable. But, I just love the ride. It's got a big roomy trunk, a Becker analog stereo, great air conditioning and a sunroof. I love the understated styling. And it turns over every time. I just wish I could get biodiesel (or even better, natural gas based clear diesel) for it. And yes, it does get 27 MPG.