28th Sep 2004, 13:02

Diesels don't have spark plugs. I hope you're not getting billed for replacing something you don't have.

6th Oct 2004, 19:00

I have a 1978 240 D, it's an amazing car. "Colorado Beige" in color (I repainted it to match) The odometer is currently broken, however mileage is about 220,000, roughly speaking. If you hear sputtering near exhaust manifold, before you take it in to a shop, attempt tightening the six manifold bolts yourself. The bolts were loose on my manifold and after tightening them the car seems to have taken on a new life. A recent concern has deleoped because of "clunk" when the car is put into gear. Could it be U-joints or the problem discussed in another note wherein the dry-rotted boot has led to problem with the wheel assembly? My car was a Florida car, now an Ohio car... bad for rust.

6th Oct 2004, 20:44

I own an '83 240D, I absolutely love the car. I bought it from my best friend four years ago. It was his mother's car, and she kept it in immaculate condition. With over 210,000 miles, it is still going strong. I almost thought about selling it; but, the black exterior and black interior beauty is too reliable and lovely to depart with (although it only has 67hp). Viva Mercedes Diesels!

9th May 2006, 06:25

You'll be lucky if you get the same kind of service out of your new Merc. Built by accountants.

15th Jan 2009, 08:59

If your W123 has no door rust, spray wd40 into the drain holes. It will protect them from rust. Gut gut!

21st Jul 2010, 10:01

I have a 1983 240 D with the 5 speed box. The 5 speed is a great addition - I previously had a 1981 4 speed, which revved a bit too fast for comfort at 120km/h. I have had the 1983 for nearly nine years, and it will be buried with me.

22nd Jul 2010, 09:45

It will take a lot of pall bearers!

30th Nov 2010, 18:40

I am looking at buying an '83 240, but not sure of the fuel mileage. I know they're great cars, but a little hard to find information on. Any ideas?

6th Dec 2010, 06:32

There is nothing like a 240D! They are worth their weight in gold!!

2nd Nov 2015, 05:31

This guy cracked me up. I was reading while having a drink; I almost choked to death. Very funny.

2nd Nov 2015, 19:35

Someone who actually owned a diesel would know the difference between spark plugs and glow plugs, which raises questions about the validity of the rest of this review.

Especially the part about putting 723K miles on it with no major repairs except a fuel pump!