1994 Mercedes-Benz W124 Coupe E320 from UK and Ireland


A fast elegant cruiser


Ignition barrel seized one week after I bought the car.

Had to fit new brake discs and pads at the first service as instructed by the main dealer.

New drivers door electric window assembly.

Had to replace the stereo head unit. It was only six months old, but fitted by previous owner.

General Comments:

All in all I am delighted with the car.

I think I just had a bit of bad luck with the few things that have gone wrong with the car.

All the problems were quick to fix and the car drives like a dream.

It performs well, especially when your foot is planted into the carpet.

The only niggle is the lack of space in the rear seats.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2004

1994 Mercedes-Benz W124 E320 3.2 liter six gas from North America


A classic Benz with the heart of a lion


Head gasket was replaced at time of purchase, this is a common fault and was done by the dealer. Head was milled and some valves reground, total cost was $2,500. Glad I didn't have to pay.

Other than that, just front brake pads and disks, from wear.

General Comments:

This has been one of my favorite cars after owning practically every luxury European make sold.

It is a classic design, drives well, great acceleration and handling, and is quiet while driving sedately, but growls when pressed. Very good room in a compact package.

The car is very sturdy and looks like new and everything works. Very good fit and finish.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2004

11th Feb 2010, 02:57

Hi there,

I just purchased a W124 E320 1994 recently. I know nothing about this model, though I have been riding in a W123 200 1977 for more than five years.

I'd like to hear comments and suggestions from the audience about this model. What are the good and bad -- better say the most important aspects to be taken care of -- of this model? All experiences are most welcome to be shared.



1994 Mercedes-Benz W124 Coupe 3.2 from UK and Ireland


Gorgeous looking, but makes less sense than a 300E-24


When I bought the car the air-con only blew hot. Cost £170 for a new heater valve (Unlike the US, Mercedes don't sell a repair kit for UK models). The car has an uneven idle which may be caused by a wiring fault. The electric front headrests weren't working.

General Comments:

The coupe's are terrific looking and there are very few around due to the high price when new (£45,000!). However, the back seats are a little tight and there is a slight wind noise from the pillarless windows. These are problems you can overlook if you like the coupe shape.

Harder to live with, though, is the reliability of these later models. Between 1993 & 95 Mercedes used wire with insulation that disintegrates when heated. This means you have to replace the whole wiring loom under the bonnet. Ouch!

The auto box has a slight slip between 2nd and 3rd which I'll have to keep an eye on.

The 320 (and 280) engines have variable camshafts which means you get a surge of power after 4,000 rpm. I prefer the more progressive power delivery of the older engines.

The seats feel less comfortable than earlier cars and are covered with leather rather than MB-Tex. The leather is more luxurious, but doesn't last as well.

Parts are also a problem post 1993 as many parts differ slightly from earlier models and are only available though MB dealers. Earlier W124 parts are cheap and easy to get.

On the plus side the E320 Coupe is a rare and gorgeous car. Less wide-boy-drug-dealer than a BMW M3. Altogether more sophisticated. I love the electric seats and the seat belts that come to you when you close the doors.

My advice to anyone looking to buy a W124 Coupe though is buy a 300E-24 non-cat between 1990 & 1993. The engine is more powerful and you'll avoid the wiring loom problems. They're also a LOT cheaper. NEVER buy a Merc without a full service history.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2003

12th Sep 2006, 14:27

Sorry, disagree. Go for the 300E-24 every time. Fuel injection, 231 bhp, 0-62mph=7.8 seconds, top speed-146mph!! And all this from a car weighing 1500kgs! Comfortable and quiet, just don't ask about the fuel consumption!

11th Oct 2006, 19:59

Guys, I am looking forward of owning an early 90's 230CE. What comments can you give on this model? thanks.