1981 Mercury Capri 3.3 Litre I-6 from North America


Great Beater


Problems setting up the choke, and fuel mixture. Needs to be fine tuned when seasons change.

Battery replaced, brakes, shocks, struts, nothing unusual. Floor is rusted badly, but going to drive til I fall through.

Interior is faded badly. its 20 years old though.

General Comments:

Fuel comsumption is retarded, compared to the performance. Car will always start and run smooth, but lacks power and fuel economy.

Ride isn't that bad, all things considered.

Seats are kind of uncomfortable.

Reliable vehicle all the way around.

Easy to find economical parts.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 21st July, 2002

13th May 2003, 14:16

A fair review, but my biggest complaint about my 1981 3.3l Capri RS is the fact that the 4speed transmission lacks a mid gear for the hills. It was either tacking-out or bagging-out, that was the difference between 2nd and 3rd, The 2nd gear should have been a higher ratio!