1973 Mercury Cougar XR7 351C 2bbl from North America


Mustang chassis rear leaf springs, front coil on upper control arm. Nice car!!


Alternator, regulator, battery.

Timing chain and gear set.


General Comments:

My mom had two 1972 Mercury Cougar XR7 Coupes. One she wrecked. Insurance bought her a new one off the lot. She got me appreciating Cougars big time. Very upscale pony car. Especially XR7 version. Leather super comfy buckets!! Full console, bulletproof C6 auto. 9" axle with 3.00:1 ratio and traction lock. Dual sport mirrors. AM/FM stereo with dual door mounted speakers, tach and gauges standard, Rim Blow 3 spoke steering wheel standard, factory toggle switches for map light, courtesy lamp, and rear defogger. Awesome sequential rear turn signals!! Just like old T-Birds and Shelby Mustangs!!

Such a cool car. You could absolutely roast those rear tires just by flooring it. No brake stand required. Really loved how that Cleveland 351 with those canted valve heads would just build revs with power and purpose.

Beautiful tunnel back recessed rear window. Factory 14x7 styled steel wheels with trim rings, 5 slots, argent color, and brushed small lug covers. So comfortable and so fun!!

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Review Date: 4th March, 2016

1973 Mercury Cougar XR-7 351 Cleveland from North America


A very well built car that got crappy gas mileage


The differential was bad when I bought it for $800.00 (otherwise perfect condition).

Honestly I can't remember the other stuff except that I remember being quite pleased with the lack of maintenance or repair costs for the first 50,000 miles I had it.

After that it was pretty much a steady string of repairs.

General Comments:

Great car no question. Power was OK, but was geared for the highway (2.50 rear I think) so not quick from a start.

Never had a major engine problem. That 351C is the sweetest motor ever built by Ford. Unfortunately it was designed with huge intake runners (even the 2V design) and this causes very bad gas mileage. I used to get about 8 MPG regular gas. On a long and level cruise, the best I ever got was 17 MPG, but usually 15-16 was the norm.

After 210,000 miles and 27 years or so the leather seats were still perfect, the body and paint were still perfect.

Always wished the seats reclined!

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Review Date: 25th December, 2009

6th Mar 2016, 07:48

The ones to collect are 67-70 in the XR7 or especially an Eliminator. These were insurance beaters when new. More equipped and heavier than the Mustang. Unless it's a rare model or a big block, I would still buy a Mustang. You could get a 4 speed in a few Cougars. The first gen Cougars however are still very good looking.