1994 Mercury Cougar XR7 V8 from North America


This car kicks ass and takes names!


Transmission went bad about 5 months after we got it. Dealer replaced it.

Knob on shifter broke.

Motor on driver side window wore out.

Seat split on driver side.

General Comments:

This car is my baby. I love... this car!! Like another poster said... if I could buy another one.. I would have bought it yesterday! This is a very cool looking car and a delight to drive with lots of power and a smooth ride. It is the popular green that came out about 1994, its beautiful, but where we live, it has been hard on the paint on the hood, not a fault of the car, but of the conditions where I live. The new cougar's could not even hold a candle to this model!! This is a wonderful car.

Car has always been easy to drive and easy to handle. It is a bit touchy in the rain and snow, but use your head and don't try to hot dog. In other words... I would buy this car again in a heartbeat!

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Review Date: 10th March, 2007

1994 Mercury Cougar XR7 4.6L V8 from North America


The cougar has been the best sedan we've had. In looks, size, and response it has served well


The transmission needed a part change after the recall or within the extended warranty, 1996.

The rack and pinion had to be changed in 2005.

The paint on the trunk has gotten thin and splotchy.

Leather interior has held up well. Now there is one creased cut on the edge of the drivers seat.

General Comments:

The engine pickup and response is quick and the car handles well.

The seats are comfortable.

The rear seat shoulder straps were perhaps first on this car.

The sporty look has always been a good plus.

The interior design is sporty, comfortable, and well designed.

The gas mileage has been better on the highway, up to 22 mpg. The lowest in town ranges 15 to 18 mpg.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2007

1994 Mercury Cougar XR7 3.8 V6 from North America


I love the style of the car


My car is great shape, low miles, and runs grate most of the time. once in a while my RP- MS go up and down, and car seems to shift also it seems to be a little bit harder on gas latley.

Is there any one that knows what is going on?

Single/ female.


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Review Date: 26th August, 2006

4th Sep 2006, 11:07

Your transmission shift problem is probably due to a bad "manual lever position switch". This switch is located under the car close to an exhaust pipe and gets very hot and will start failing with time. Have a transmission shop test it and replace it. The cost is around $75 for switch and $65 for labor.

3rd Aug 2009, 08:36

The reason it is probably getting not as good as gas mileage as you want is because of the air filter. You can go to O'Reilly or Napa or even Autozone and get a K&N high performance air filter; it will increase your MPG, and give you more performance. It's better in the long run. I've had a high performance K&N air filter since 1998; it can be washed and reused, it's that simple.

Also, you could get new spark plugs; sometimes they don't fire right due to age and what not. Allow as big of a spark and the same amount of gas, so basically wastes gas.

Well hope I helped.

1994 Mercury Cougar XR7 3.8 from North America


If I could find another I would buy it yesterday


My head gaskets went at 197000.0 kms, I don't know if they went prior to that since I've only had the vehicle for a short time. The Ford 3.8 has a history of head gasket problems due to the fact that the cylinder head bolts are about 5/8" of an inch to short. This is a known fact from Ford, but there was never an actuale recall on this problem. As you know the bolts do strech. The only other problem I've had with this car is the pinion seal on the differential. Keep an eye on this apparently around the 100000.0 km mark. Also learned by my brother in-law who runs a transmission shop is to make a periodic check under the hood where the overdrive kick down clip connects next to the throttle cable on the throttle body. If this clip is broken you will loose your overdrive, therefore building up pressure in your transmission and blowing out your bands and clutches. Check this clip, its only about $20.00 for a new one, cheaper than a tranny rebuild.

General Comments:

Its dream to drive. I prefer this to anything made out there today.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2005