2nd Sep 2005, 14:32

I leased the 1999 Cougar, purchased it at lease end (big mistake - thought I was making wise decision as I would have been responsible for $3K in over mileage charge!) Alas, all the miles, 105,000+ are all mine.

I too have had to replace the fuel pump, thou I did get reimbursed from Ford and am in possession of document authorizing any future replacement until 2010.

• Tires are costly - on second set.

• The fan blower also had to be replaced.

• I had the brakes replaced and the mechanic could not reset the brake "idiot light" on the overhead instrument panel. I refuse to pay a Mercury dealership $$$ to reset it.

• The latest "malfunction"! The speedometer choked. Occasionally, it works in reverse - 100 mph = 55 mph - Most of the time the needle is on the right side of the pin. Easily $550 to replace! I've learn to pace myself with the traffic and to gauge from tach!

I do love the styling and for the most part the overall performance. I seem to have jinxed the automotive industry - as I have previously owned a Fiero, T-Bird and now the Cougar. Any car's fate seems doomed following my acquisition.

5th Oct 2005, 13:51

I would just like to add my comments about the 1999 Mercury Cougar. On the one hand I'm relieved to know that it's not just my daughter's Cougar, but apparently ALL Cougars (at least the more recent models).

My daughter bought her 1999 Cougar in 2000 with 22k miles on it. She was 19 at the time and it was her first "new" car purchase. She paid $17,000 cash (an insurance settlement allowed her to do this) and she was SO excited. This was her dream car at the time. Well, her dream has become our worst nightmare over the last 5 years. We've replaced the tires several times, the check engine light was on for months... turns out that the O2 sensors had to be replaced to the tune of about $400. The driver's side window has stopped working three times, it is not on the fourth. The driver's power seat has stopped working three times, Now it's on the fourth go around (and it's stuck in the all the way back position now since her boyfriend was driving it last night). And for over a year there has been a loud clunking sound coming from the rear ever time you go over a slight bump. Sounds like something banging in the trunk so who knows what THAT problem is. Oh, and the CD changer has broken twice. Add to the foregoing, the gas mileage is terrible. Now she can't drive it till we resolve the seat problem, and we hold our breath every day that it will hold out till she finishes school, has a full time job and can buy a new car. Kiss it goodbye as a trade-in, she won't get a dime for it.

I feel sorry for everyone in this same awful situation that she/we are in with this car. Sure, it looks cute, but what good is that if it's broken down all the time.

17th Jan 2006, 09:48

Oh my goodness... If I had seen this website and others about the '99 Cougar, I would have ran the other way. I bought my Cougar used with a few miles on it. Since having it only 3 years, I have had more problems than I have ever had with my '98 Honda CRV. From the engine light to the squeaky back brakes, the tires, the motor mounts, the brake senors and the non-existent trunk release. I have considered many times to get rid of it, but no one else would probably want it or I would get nothing for it nor my time spent keeping it going. Ford should be paying us to drive these slap-together, junk-pile cars...MG!

25th Jan 2006, 11:22

To all of you with a 1999-2002 Mercury Cougar that has fuel pump problems, please see the website linked below:


There has been a problem found with the fuel pump, & Ford will pay for the replacement.

30th May 2006, 00:43

I have a 99 cougar, and it's horrible.

My newest problem with it is the alarm will not stop beeping, even when the car is unlocked or if I'm driving down the road. Has any one else had this problem, and if so, how do I fix it? It's driving me crazy!!!

13th Jun 2006, 22:05

Wow are you right about the "winter-effect" in the Cougar! I've never spent so much time stuck in the snow, and the sliding around is awful! I havn't had all the other stuff go wrong with mine yet though, so far I still pretty much love it, and it's going on 85,000 miles. Just had the tire rod's and the front left wheel bearing replaced though. And my engine light also won't turn off. My battery light and airbag lights turn off and on too...

18th Jun 2006, 08:00

"My battery light and airbag lights turn off and on too..."

Your alternator is going bad.

5th Jul 2006, 06:51

I have a 1999 Cougar, well you're all right about it, it is a piece of junk.

I just got it last month, and I'm already having problems with it.

First it now needs a wheel bearing (making a bad noise on front left wheel), and now it won't start at all. One of the bigger fuses has blown under the hood. It has a fuse box there, well I thought that's all was wrong with it, so I had a friend take me down and I bought two fuses. When I got back home, I put one in and when I turn the key on it, just blows the fuse. I thought well maybe that was just a bad fuse, I put in the other fuse and it did the same thing when I turned the key on. So yes, these cars are not worth anything. As the used car dealer is charging me &8,400 for this junk car, I just hope he will fix it like he said he would.

To anyone out there, please do not make the mistake I did, do not buy this type of car, KEEP AWAY. And yes I think the company should be paying us for this type of car.

8th Jul 2006, 15:18

Hi guys! I feel your pain! I purchased my '99 Cougar in April '02. I had the warranty on it when the alternator broke. However, the dealership didn't want to replace it. So, I also had to get a battery.

I also have replaced the tires now 2 times. AND that was expensive. I couldn't believe it.

I have had the Brakes fixed all the way around (pads & rotors). I had to have a tune up at the same time. AND I just did the front ones again. (But the light won't go off)

The check engine light came on a few months ago and the throttle positioning sensor was messed up. It sometimes sticks and I go faster (even when my foot is off of the gas.)

I have had the fuel pump replaced, and the fan.

My hatchback latch closes all the time after I try to open it.

The engine light came on recently & they said that it was the catalytic converter. They said something about there being three different one from slightly expensive to extremely expensive. AND of course you guessed it! It is the EXTREMELY expensive one. I did find someone who will put it on for a little cheaper. He also, found out that the fuel injectors were really clogged. This will result in the changing of head gaskets which I have already been told when he looked at it it was already leaking a little. So, I am working on this now.

Oh and when there is some water standing on the road the belt squeals loudly, & sometimes the power steering goes out & its difficult to drive it like that. I haven't figured this problem out.

I also went to have a routine oil change and they called telling me that my brake fluid was burned & my transmission fluid was burned, and I had a clogged air filter. This was a little expensive.

I need an alignment, but I need a sway bar & links.

Now I really wouldn't be complaining if this all didn't start 4 months after getting the car.

I have to let some things go for a little because I cannot afford it.